Which Battery Does the Honeywell FG1625 Use?

The Honeywell FG1625 does not use a battery. This is a hardwired glass break sensor that receives power directly from the panel or from the wired to wireless converter module. If the power goes out, a backup battery for the panel or converter module will keep it operating like normal.

Honeywell fg1625 glass break detectorThe Honeywell FG1625 is a hardwired glass break detector that listens for the sound of breaking glass. It can be used to monitor glass windows, doors, casings and other glass valuables. The maximum range of the sensor is 25 feet, which provides adequate coverage for most small to medium sized rooms. Advanced sound-detection technology from Honeywell ensures that the device only activates during true broken glass events to prevent false alarms. The device works with plate glass, tempered glass, wired glass, laminated glass, film-coated glass, sealed insulating glass and more. The sensitivity can be adjusted to MAX, MEDIUM, LOW and LOWEST settings.

As a hardwired security sensor, the FG1625 uses a four-wire connection with the alarm control panel or with a wired to wireless converter. Two of these wires transmit power, while the other two are for data. In standby mode, the device will use 12 mA of power. However, this power requirement will increase to 22 mA of power when the device is activated. The sensor will produce an LED light to provide visual indication of the faulted zone. The best way to test the sensor for proper operation is with a Honeywell FG701 Glass Break Simulator.

Normally, the FG1625 will be drawing power from the panel itself. If the sensor is used with a wired to wireless converter, then the sensor will draw from that module. The panel or converter module will be receiving its power from a plug-in transformer. If the electricity goes out, then the panel or converter module will switch over to its backup battery for power. The FG1625 can draw from this power source as well.

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