Which routers are compatible w/ Lyric security system?

Which routers are compatible with Honeywell Lyric Security controller?

All routers that propagate a 2.4Ghz WIFI network should be compatible with the Honeywell Lyric

Unlike the Lynx Touch systems before it, the Honeywell Lyric Security System ships with a pre installed WIFI module. The Lyric is able to use WIFI to communicate all of its alarm and system signals. This means that all a user needs, to connect to and monitor the Lyric, is an internet connected WIFI network.

Lyric has three methods of connecting to a WIFI network. The easiest and fastest method is to use WPS. To connect Lyric to a WIFI network with this method the WPS will need to be activated at the router first. Some routers don’t have this function, some have a button and some will need to have this function activated from within the router programming. After activating WPS at the router and being notified that it is ready, either by flashing LED, or message on the screen, select the WPS menu button on the Lyric. This can be found at the panel by entering Security > Tools > Installer Code > Program > Comm. Diagnostics > Configure WiFi > WPS. If both steps are done properly the Lyric will be automatically connect to the WIFI network after completing these steps. If WPS is not an option, in the same Configure WIFI screen, you can tell the Lyric to search for nearby WIFI networks that are broadcasting their SSIDs. After selecting the desired network and pressing Edit, the password will need to be entered in the section marked “Key”. Once this has been done, select “Join” and after a few minutes a message should appear telling you “Device has been successfully added to the network.” A user can also choose to manually enter all of a WIFI networks information if needed, if the router doesn’t broadcast the SSID, for example.

The Lyric will need to be connected to a 2.4Ghz WIFI network. The Lyric is currently not compatible with 5Ghz or 802.11AC WIFI networks. The SSID of the network that Lyric connects to needs to only have letters or numbers in its name. Other than these caveats any router should be compatible with the Lyric, from Linksys to Netgear. If a user is planning on purchasing a new router, we do recommend that they select one with a WPS button. This will not only allow the Lyric to easily connect, it can be used to connect Honeywell’s IPCAMs.

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