Which WIFI routers are compatible with the GoControl?

The 2GIG Go!Control wireless security system uses the Go!Bridge IP communicator to send alarm signals from the panel to Alarm.com and/or a central station. The Go!Bridge is unique in that it communicates wirelessly (900 MHz) with the GoControl panel. The control panel includes the standard 345MHz RF receiver out of the box. However in order for the panel to communicate outgoing signals to the Go!Bridge it requires an additional module called the 2GIG XCVR2.

This is a dual function device that includes a 345 MHz receiver and a 900 MHz transceiver. This transceiver replaces the existing 345MHz receiver inside the GoControl panel itself. After the XCVR2 is installed the panel must be paired with the Go!Bridge. Although the Go!Bridge communicates wirelessly to the panel, the IP module requires a hardwired ethernet connection to your router. It is always recommended to plug it directly into your router; rather than into peripheral network switches.

Since the Go!Bridge is hardwired to the router it is not actually using the WIFI at all. This means that compatibility issues are of absolute zero concern. In other words, the GoControl can use just about any router since it is not relying on any WIFI communications. However the panel does work best on DHCP. Ideally, the system is given a dynamic IP address or if you have a managed network you can reserve the MAC address to a DHCP range. If a static (fixed) IP is required for your network, just inform the technician that registers the Go!Bridge on Alarm.com so they can verify the following: NIC IP, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask.

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