Why am I Not Receiving Carbon Monoxide Notifications from My Lyric Panel via HomeKit?

You are not receiving carbon monoxide notifications from your Lyric Panel via HomeKit because HomeKit does not provide specific alerts for carbon monoxide alarms. HomeKit will only provide a General Lyric System Alert during a carbon monoxide alarm, as long a notifications are enabled.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

Only zones with a set Response Type of Entry/Exit 1, Entry/Exit 2, Perimeter, Interior Follower or Interior w/ Delay will provide specific HomeKit alerts where the Zone Descriptor is displayed. Meanwhile, all audible system alarm events are lumped together under General Lyric System Alerts. Since an activated carbon monoxide detector will cause an audible system alarm, it will appear as a General Lyric System Alert.

Within HomeKit, users have the ability to enable notifications for their Lyric System. These settings affect the HomeKit notifications for all audible system alarms. Users have the ability to select who will receive these General Lyric System Alerts. They can also restrict time periods when these alerts will be sent out. The options "Include in Status" and "Allow Notifications" should both be enabled.

Unfortunately, General Lyric System Alerts do not tell you which exact sensor was faulted. They do not even tell which type of audible alarm occurred. For example, it could be a fire alarm or an auxiliary alarm instead of a CO alarm. All you get is a general alert telling you that the Lyric was triggered.

An example of a General Lyric System Alert is shown below:

For system alarms, HomeKit provides very vague notifications. To overcome this issue, we recommend using Total Connect 2.0 alongside Apple HomeKit. Total Connect 2.0 sends notifications through text and/or email that tell you the exact faulted zone. If you would like to learn more about the differences between HomeKit and Total Connect 2.0, please see here.

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