Why Is My LKP500 Lyric Keypad Giving Me a Low Battery Alert?

Your LKP500 Lyric Keypad is giving you a low battery alert because it detects that the battery is low. This could mean that the battery is old and no longer to hold a charge. In this case, it must be replaced. But it could also mean that the battery is drained and needs time to recharge.

Honeywell lkp500 wireless keypad for lyric controller

The Honeywell LKP500 is an external keypad that is used with the Honeywell Lyric Security Panel. It provides the user with a second point of access for arming and disarming their system. Many users will install these devices by additional entry points in their home, such as a back door or a garage door. This way, they can conveniently arm or disarm their system whenever they come and go from these points. Honeywell also offers an optional desk stand, the LKP500-DK, which allows users to rest the LKP500 Keypad on a table or a desk.

Normally, the Honeywell LKP500 remains powered on using AC power from an outlet. This is supplied through a plug-in transformer. But if the power goes out, the LKP500 will rely on its battery backup for power. The backup battery for the LKP500 is called the Honeywell LKP500-24B, and it will keep the system powered for up to 24 hours at a time. This battery will be slowly reserving power when the keypad is running on AC power. When the power goes out, the system will automatically switch over to the battery power that it has been storing in reserve.

When the voltage for the LKP500-24B drops below a certain threshold, the keypad will display a low battery alert. This means that the battery is low, and it cannot be trusted to keep the system powered if the electricity goes out. There can be two reasons for this. If the power was recently restored, the battery may have become drained while it was keeping the system powered. In this case, you should give the battery a few hours to regain its charge. This can also occur when the keypad is powered on for the first time. Again, just give the battery some time to recharge, and the alert should disappear after disarming the system twice using the Master Code. But if the low battery warning doesn't clear after performing a double disarm, then the battery is most likely old and in need of replacing.

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