Why Is There a Weird Zone Status After Replacing a Wireless Sensor On My GC3?

There is a weird zone status after replacing a wireless sensor on your GC3 because you did not fully delete the wireless zone from programming. If you replace an existing sensor with a new one by swapping the serial numbers, then you may encounter a "bypassed at device" error message.

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When a sensor is "bypassed", it is ignored by the system. This means that if the sensor is faulted, then the system will not take any action. This is what will happen if a zone displays a "bypassed at sensor" message. However, the problem with the "bypassed at sensor" error is that you cannot easily "un-bypass" the device. This can be a major issue if you rely on that device for alerting your 2GIG GC3 Alarm System for activity around your home or business. Keep in mind that this is not the only strange or unusual error message that may appear on a GC3 after improperly replacing a faulty sensor. However, the "bypassed at device" message is the one we have seen most frequently.

The reason why this issue occurs is because a user will swap out the Serial Numbers for wireless devices when replacing a bad sensor, rather than clearing out the old zone and programming the replacement sensor. If you enter into the Wireless Zones Menu and find a programmed zone, then you have the option to enter a new Serial Number for the zone. Every wireless sensor has its own unique Serial Number that the system uses to recognize the device. If you simply delete the Serial Number for the bad sensor and then enter the Serial Number for the new sensor, then the GC3 may display the "bypassed at device" error message in the Bypass Sensors Menu. Remember that other error messages may also be displayed, but we have specifically seen the "bypassed at device" error on the GC3.

The proper way to replace a bad sensor for a 2GIG GC3 is to first delete the zone from programming. You will fully clear or "remove" the zone so that it is open and available on the system. Then program the replacement sensor to that zone in the exact same manner as if you were setting up the zone for the first time. The sensor should then operate properly, and you will be able to bypass and un-bypass the sensor as needed. Please note that 24-hour life-safety sensors cannot be bypassed on a 2GIG GC3.

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