Why Won't My SkyBell Clips Show Up In Total Connect 2.0?

Your SkyBell Clips won't show up in Total Connect 2.0 most likely because the device is running an outdated firmware version. Upgrading to a new firmware version may fix the issue. You should also make sure the device is connected to the network. Connection trouble can prevent clip uploads.

Skybell dbcam hd video doorbell

SkyBell devices capture clips whenever the doorbell is activated or when motion is detected. This is great for knowing if someone is in front of your home. Clips are sent to the SkyBell Servers. They can be view from the Total Connect 2.0 Website and the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App on Android and iOS devices. SkyBell Clips are stored on the SkyBell Servers for seven (7) days. Any clip older than seven days will be automatically deleted. You must download any clip you want to save permanently before it is deleted. A clip that has been deleted cannot be recovered. There is no limit to the number of clips you can store on the SkyBell Servers. However, you can only have up to five (5) SkyBell devices per Total Connect 2.0 account. If you want to learn more about SkyBell Clips, please review this helpful FAQ.

If you are noticing that SkyBell Clips are not appearing on Total Connect 2.0, then the most likely cause is that the device is running outdated firmware. You should upgrade your SkyBell Video Doorbell Camera to the latest firmware. There are two SkyBell DoorBell Cameras that are used with Total Connect 2.0. There is the round model called the SkyBell DBCAM. There is also the rectangular model called the SkyBell DBCAM-TRIM. Both versions are basically the same. They both can record at up to 1080p quality. Their biggest difference is their outer design. But they also run different firmware versions. At the time of this writing, the latest firmware version for the round SkyBell DBCAM is 1128. The latest firmware version for the rectangular SkyBell DBCAM-TRIM is 7036. If you are an Alarm Grid monitored customer, you can contact us at support@alarmgrid.com to request that the latest firmware be pushed down to your SkyBell device. If you are monitored by a different company, you should contact them instead.

Another possible cause of failed SkyBell Clip uploads is that the device is not connected to the network. The light on the SkyBell Doorbell Camera should be whatever custom color you set through the SkyBell App or through the Total Connect 2.0 App. This indicates that the device is working properly and is currently connected with the network. Please note that the default LED color is green. A double-flashing orange LED light indicates that the SkyBell is awaiting WIFI connectivity or that the device has lost contact with the WIFI network or the WIFI router. If you see a double-flashing orange LED light, no clips will be recorded and sent to the SkyBell Servers for viewing. You must fix the network problems before clips will be recorded and sent.

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