Can I Use More Than One SkyBell With Total Connect 2.0?

Yes, you can use more than one SkyBell with Total Connect 2.0. You can use up to five (5) SkyBell Doorbell devices per TC2 account. If you need additional SkyBell support, then you can add a second video monitoring account. This will provide SkyBell support for five (5) additional devices.

Skybell dbcam hd video doorbell

The SkyBell Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell with a built-in camera. It comes in a standard round model and a TRIM model. These devices can capture video clips at up to full 1080p quality (the TRIM version supports up to 720P resolution). The camera will begin capturing video whenever its button is pressed or its integrated motion sensor detects movement, if enabled. These smart doorbells are perfect for letting you know about any activity around your home. You can even receive alerts from Total Connect 2.0 to let you know when a new clip has been recorded.

When you use a SkyBell Video Doorbell with Total Connect 2.0, it is important to keep the recording limits in mind. SkyBell Clips are not stored on the AlarmNet360 Servers. These clips are actually stored on the SkyBell Servers. Any clip can be downloaded from the servers to save it for permanent use. You must do this before the clip is deleted. Once a clip is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Any video clip on the SkyBell Servers will be deleted after seven (7) days. You can download stored clips from the Total Connect 2.0 website or mobile app.

You can only have a maximum of five (5) SkyBell devices per Total Connect 2.0 account. Any of our monitoring plans with access to Total Connect 2.0 will allow you to add five SkyBell devices. In order to add additional SkyBell devices beyond that, you must obtain a second Total Connect 2.0 account. Alarm Grid customers can create an additional account to link with their primary account for an added fee. This second account will provide support for five (5) additional SkyBell devices. The location for this secondary account can be linked with the primary account. This allows users to access both locations using a single TC2 login.

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