Will a DSC Impassa Work w/ Google Home?

Yes, a DSC Impassa will work with Google Home. To do this, start by enabling the Alarm.com Action on the Google Home device. Then, access the Google Home App, and share the Alarm.com account information with Google Home. The DSC Impassa must be connected with Alarm.com for this to work.

Once the DSC Impassa has been paired with Google Home, a user can control the system voice commands that are sent through the Google Home device. Voice commands can be used to arm the system, check the current system status, control Z-Wave home automation devices and more.

Users should remember that they cannot disarm their system using a voice command sent through a Google Home device. This will still require a system user code or a compatible proximity tag with a WT5500 Keypad. Also remember that a DSC Impassa will only work with Google Home if it is paired with Alarm.com. This requires a cellular communicator and a cellular monitoring plan.

Complete the following steps to pair a DSC Impassa with Google Home:

1. Enable the Alarm.com action. Go to the Google Home device. Speak the following command, "Okay Google, talk to Alarm.com." This will let the Google Home service know that an Alarm.com account is being paired.

2. Access the app. Using an iOS or Android device, open up the Google Home App. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store if needed.

3. Link the account. If the Google Home device used in Step 1 is properly paired with the Google Home App, a message prompting to link an Alarm.com account should be displayed on the iOS or Android device. The appropriate Alarm.com account information will need to be entered. This includes the email address and the account password. After entering in this information, the Alarm.com account will sync with the Google Home App and the Google Home device.

4. Test the device. Try using the Google Home device to control the DSC Impassa System with voice commands. For instance, try saying, "Okay Google, Ask Alarm.com to arm the security system." The DSC System should then be armed. Please note that it may take a few moments for the command to successfully go through.

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