Will a Honeywell 6162 work with a VISTA 21iP?

Yes. The Honeywell VISTA-21iP supports the Honeywell 6162 Alphanumeric programming keypad. This keypad operates with 4 lines of alpha numeric text which can display more information than any of its predecessors. There are two features that stand out on the 6162. After you assign a valid user code to the keypad there are new quick arming keys: STAY, AWAY, and NIGHT. These are setup for single button press arming. There is also a SETTINGS button designed for quick access to the most exciting new feature called VIP programming mode. VIP requires Revision 3.18 or higher. There are currently no PROM chip upgrades available on the VISTA-21iP. 

VIP (VISTA Intelligent Programming) is a new feature on this class of keypads (6152, 6152RF, 6162, and 6162RF) that grants quick and easy access to account/phone numbers, report codes, entry/exit delays, alarm sounder timeouts, installer code, auto stay settings, and zone programming in a simple 8 line display. Also, it offers more convenient ways for end users to edit user codes. All in all, VIP programming is a more user friendly, intuitive way to setup and maintain your VISTA-21iP. 

The backlight on the keys is always on for ease of use at night time. It cannot be disabled. The display backlight turns on after a button press and times out after 30-40 seconds. The keypad draws 40mA in standby mode and up to 120mA in alarm mode. This keypad still has the standard 4 function keys on the left hand side. These can be mapped to panics, etc. 

*Please note: The 6162 has been discontinued by Honeywell. They are currently purging stock but once the current stock is sold out that is it.*

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