Will a Honeywell Lyric Work w/ a Verizon Hot Spot?

A Honeywell Lyric will technically work with a Verizon Hot Spot. But this is not a permanent solution you want to use for monitoring. A Verizon Hot Spot will not work reliably, and you would have to keep the device on-site at all times. You are better off getting a cellular communicator.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

In order to receive IP monitoring service, the Honeywell Lyric must connect with an IP network. You can technically use a Verizon Hot Spot as the IP network. But this is not something you would want to use as a permanent solution for keeping the system monitored. A Verizon Hot Spot will not work very reliably, and it will be prone to outages. Additionally, you would need to keep the Hot Spot device on-site and in range of the system at all times. If you used a Verizon Phone for this process, you would be forced to always keep the phone nearby the system.

If a Verizon Hot Spot is your only source of internet service, then you are much better off getting a cellular communicator for the system. While you will need to upgrade to a cellular monitoring plan, the increased monitoring cost is almost certainly less than if you were to get an additional phone line just for use as a Hot Spot. Additionally, cellular monitoring is extremely reliable. In fact, it is the preferred form of monitoring. If you are considering getting a new phone line just so that you can use it as a Hot Spot, get a cellular communicator instead. There are two great LTE communicators available for the Lyric. There is the LYRICLTE-A with AT&T LTE Service, and the LYRICLTE-V with Verizon LTE Service.

However, if you are just trying to use the Hot Spot for troubleshooting purposes, then it will work just fine. Many users will connect their systems with their local Hot Spots to see if there is a problem with their regular WIFI network. This could include a firewall or some other problem. If the system can successfully connect with the Hot Spot, but it isn't working properly with your regular internet, then it is likely that there is something wrong with your WIFI. In these cases, a Hot Spot can be a good troubleshooting tool. Just be aware that you should not use the Hot Spot for regular IP monitoring service.

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