Will an Interlogix Simon XT Work w/ a Phone Line?

Yes, an Interlogix Simon XT can work with a phone line. To use a phone line, one must first subscribe to phone service. Then the physical wiring connection to the alarm panel must be made. The Simon XT must then be configured. This setup will provide only the most basic level of service.

By most standards, using a phone line with an alarm system is considered to be outdated. But a phone line can still provide an alarm system with very basic monitoring service. However, users should be aware of some of the downsides associated with using POTS (plain old telephone service) connectivity with an alarm system.

For one, a phone line can easily be physically tampered with. If an intruder is able to cut the phone line running to the house, then the alarm system will have no way of reporting out to a central monitoring station. Second, a POTS connection will not allow the system to work with an interactive service platform, such as Alarm.com. This will make it impossible for a user to control their system remotely. Finally, phone line speeds are relatively slow, and it will take the central station a slightly longer time to properly receive any alerts about an alarm event on the system. Newer technology, such as Voice over IP (VoIP) can also make it difficult, or even impossible, to successfully transmit alarm signals.

Due to the limitations of a phone connection, we encourage Simon XT owners to use a cellular connection instead. Cellular service is faster, more reliable, and it will allow the panel to work with Alarm.com. To use cellular connectivity, a user must obtain a compatible cellular module and install it into the panel. They must also obtain an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular service.

But if a user does decide to use traditional phone service, setting it up is fairly simple. First, the physical connection must be made between the phone jack and the panel. Then the dialer must be configured on the system. By programming the number for a central monitoring station, the Simon XT System can dial out to the station during an alarm event. It is also possible to program the end user's phone number so that the system contacts them directly during an alarm event. After programming the number, the reporting options for the panel must be set.

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