Will an L5100 Work with a Z-Wave Thermostat?

Yes, an L5100 will work with a Z-Wave thermostat. However, the system will need to have an L5100-ZWAVE module installed in order to support this type of device. The L5100-ZWAVE serves as a Z-Wave controller so that the system can support Z-Wave smart home devices, such as lights and locks.

Honeywell lynxtouch l5100 lynx touch wireless alarm control panel

In order to support any type of Z-Wave device, a Z-Wave controller is needed. By default, the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 does not include a Z-Wave controller. However, an L5100-ZWAVE can be added to the system so that it can support Z-Wave devices. This module should be installed with the system powered down, and the user will need to open up the panel in order to complete the installation. The module will activate automatically once the panel is powered back on.

When enrolling a Z-Wave thermostat with the L5100-ZWAVE, a user should first clear the device from the network. Many new Z-Wave devices are paired with a Z-Wave network for testing purposes before they even leave the factory. Clearing the device from the network will ensure that it can successfully enroll with the system. After that, the user will be able to pair the Z-Wave thermostat with the L5100 System. The user can do this by putting the system into its Z-Wave inclusion mode and activating the inclusion function on the Z-Wave thermostat.

Once a user has enrolled the thermostat with the L5100, they will be able to control the device directly from the panel. They will also be able integrate the thermostat into smart scenes for automatic operation. But perhaps the more exciting feature is the ability to control the device from Total Connect 2.0. This is an interactive service platform that can be accessed once the L5100 has been set up with an IP or cellular connection. A user can access TC2 through the Total Connect website or through the TC2 Mobile App on Android and iOS devices to control their Z-Wave thermostat and run smart scenes from virtually anywhere in the world!

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