Will the Antenna for a 7845 Work on a 4G Radio?

The 7845i ip communicator wires up to a Vista system. The device communicates over hardwired ethernet and cannot have an antenna installed. The Vista systems can have a 4G cellular communicator installed. These devices connect to a cellular network and can be upgraded with an antenna.

Vista systems are wired alarm panels made by Honeywell. The 7845i is an older Ethernet communicator that has been discontinued by Honeywell and is not compatible with Total Connect 2.0. This is an app that lets users interact with their system remotely. The app is typically part of a monitoring plan as an alarm company needs to setup and enable the account. Total Connect 2.0 lets users check system events, arm and disarm the system and edit panel users. The newer Ethernet communicator is compatible with Total Connect 2.0 and is called the 7847i. The 7847i wires to a compatible Vista panel and allows the panel to communicate via an Ethernet connection.

The 4G radios available for Vista panels can be upgraded with an external antenna. These antennas are not critical and only need to be used if the cellular radio doesn’t have adequate signal. Whichever antenna is used will need a Honeywell K14207LF adapter cable to connect the cellular communicator board to the antenna cable. Checkout the available antenna options we offer for Vista Alarm System cellular communicators. Antennas are used to provide another point of access for the cellular communicator. If the location has poor cellular service, a metal roof, heavy equipment, construction material near the communicator the cellular radio may not have enough signal to communicate out. Installing an external antenna nearby and connecting it to the cellular communicator may resolve a signal strength issue.

If the cellular network isn’t strong enough at the location itself, a cellular amplifier can be installed. A cellular amplifier boosts the existing signal for the entire location. This device is very useful as it amplifies the cellular signal. Any device that uses the provider's cellular network will benefit from the signal boost given by the cellular amplifier.

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