Will Total Connect 2.0 Work w/ a VISTA-50P?

No, Total Connect 2.0 will not work with a VISTA-50P. The Honeywell VISTA-50P is an older hardwired panel that lacks many of the key features of newer Honeywell Systems. Arguably the biggest feature is the ability to access TC2. To use TC2, a user must upgrade to a newer Honeywell Panel.

Honeywell vista 50p alarm control panel

As an alarm system, the Honeywell VISTA-50P is still sometimes used today by users who do not require access to Total Connect 2.0. There are two main features that help the VISTA-50P remain somewhat relevant even amongst newer alarm control panels. These two features are its polling loop that allows it to support V-Plex devices and its total of eight system partitions. By using V-Plex devices on the polling loop, a user can achieve a more flexible wiring setup with longer wire runs. Meanwhile, partitioning is a feature that is commonly found on commercial panels only. It makes the VISTA-50P suitable for larger buildings where there is a need to restrict access for certain users.

But lacking access to Total Connect 2.0 is a major downfall for the system. An interactive service like TC2 offers great convenience for the end user. A user can access TC2 at any time to arm or disarm their system, check the status of their sensors, control Z-Wave smart home devices, view the live feed of security cameras and more. The service is designed exclusively for Honeywell Systems. A user can upgrade to a new system if they want access to TC2.

The type of system upgrade a user should make from a VISTA-50P will depend on how they were using their system. The VISTA-50P offers most of the key features found with commercial systems. If there are V-Plex Polling Loop devices enrolled with the VISTA-50P and/or if the VISTA-50P is utilizing several different partitions, then a proper upgrade will require a commercial-grade system. Some systems that can make the upgrade include the Honeywell VISTA-128BPT and the Honeywell VISTA-250BPT. These systems are both superior to the VISTA-50P in every way, and they both offer access to Total Connect 2.0.

But if a user only requires the basic functions of a hardwired system, then they might not require a commercial-grade panel. For these users, a VISTA-21iP can provide a cost-effective solution that includes everything they need. A VISTA-21iP only has three partitions, and it does not having a polling loop for supporting V-Plex Devices. It also supports fewer zones than the VISTA-50P. But it is a newer system, and it can use standard hardwired sensors without any issue. Best of all, it can access the TC2 platform. This makes it a perfectly suitable upgrade for VISTA-50P users who don't need all of the extra features of a commercial-grade system. It's also worth mentioning that a VISTA-21iP is much less complex and considerably easier to work with than the VISTA-128BPT and VISTA-250BPT Alarm Systems.

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