Base Kit GC3 w/ no Communicator, 3 Door/Window Sensors, 1 Motion, & 8 Ft LT-Cable

2gig gc3pk gc3 w slash no communicator 3 door slash window senso

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The 2GIG GC3PK is a solid base kit for new users looking to get started with a 2GIG GC3 System for home security. The kit includes 3 door and window sensors, a motion sensor, a Honeywell LT-Cable and a GC3 System. But no communicator is included. Buy the 2GIG GC3PK Starter Kit here.
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New user looking to get started with home security can obtain a nearly-complete setup with the 2GIG GCPK Base Kit. This kit includes almost everything needed for a full setup for an apartment or small home. The kit includes a GC3 System, 3 contacts, a motion sensor and a Honeywell LT-Cable.

The GC3 is a wireless all-in-one (AIO) security system that is quite robust in terms of functionality. The system supports up to 100 wireless zones and 100 different user codes. Each user can be assigned a unique name so that it is easy to tell who has been controlling the system. This makes the GC3 great for businesses applications. However, this particular GC3 Kit was designed with home security in mind.

Three door and window sensors will usually provides adequate coverage for an apartment or small home. And the included motion sensor can be installed in a central interior area for added protection. By working together, the contacts and the motion will make it nearly impossible for to avoid setting off the security system. And with the included Honeywell LT-Cable, powering the GC3 System couldn't be easer.

The only thing missing from this kit is an Alarm.com Cellular Communicator. It is very important for a user to add a cellular communicator to their GC3 System, unless they only intend on using it as a local sounder. By using cellular communication, a GC3 System is able to connect with Alarm.com. This is needed for sending alerts to a central monitoring station or directly to the end user. Once a cellular communicator is added, the GC3 System will be ready for monitoring.

Cellular communication is typically regarded as the ultimate communication path for an alarm system. This is due to its fast speeds and great reliability. And since the system also has a built-in WIFI card, a dual-path setup will be achieved once a cellular communicator has been added. If either path goes down, the system will remain monitored using the other. But what really gets users excited is the ability to use the system with Alarm.com. This service can be accessed remotely using the Alarm.com Mobile App so that the user can control their GC3 System at any time.

Users appreciate the sleek design and modern design of the 2GIG GC3, which fits-in with almost any decor. The system measures in at just 8.9" x 5.25" x 1.25", making it very unobtrusive when mounted. Another great aspect is the beautiful 7-inch touchscreen display that makes the system an absolute joy to use. Overall, the GC3 will serve almost any home extremely well, making it the perfect foundation to a reliable security setup.


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