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The 2GIG TS1 is wireless touchscreen keypad designed to integrate with the Go!Control alarm system (firmware revision 1.10 or higher). It...
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The 2GIG TS1 is wireless touchscreen keypad designed to integrate with the Go!Control alarm system (firmware revision 1.10 or higher). It comes with the AC1 transformer which requires cabling (18 gauge is ideal) purchased separately. It is important to respect the polarity on the AC1 screw terminals. Keypads marked with serial numbers greater than 1405XXXXXXXXXXXX also include a barrel connector power option (2GIG‐AC2‐PLUG or 2GIG‐AC3‐INT‐PLG). These are transformers with a 10 foot cable and a male DC plug which makes it easy to connect and remove power to the keypad. You can also purchase the AC2 separately.

Just like the Image Sensor and Go!Bridge, the TS1 requires the 2GIG XCVR2-345 Transceiver since it communicates via 900MHz RF frequency. The transceiver is sold separately from the Go!Control panel. The RF range is approximately 500 feet in open air. They communicate best when the screens are facing each other.

The TS1 is a beautiful touchscreen display that offers another point of control for your 2GIG security system. Control any of your enrolled Z-Wave automation devices such as lights, door locks and thermostats from another keypad. You can also view live status of any security zone and trigger panics! The dimensions of the keypad are 4.3 inches high by 6.7 inches wide by 0.8 inches in depth. The touchscreen itself is larger than that of the Go!Control panel. The TS1 is great for placing at entry/exit points. If the keypad is damaged during an intrusion it will not affect the integrity of the security signals being transmitted to a central station or interactive service such as Alarm.com.

There is a removable back plate which serves for convenient wall mounting and removal of the keypad when necessary. There is a single screw on the top side of the unit that keeps the keypad together with the back plate. After the keypad is installed, you will need to program it on the Go!Control panel. When the TS1 is first powered on there is a message, "This Device is Not Paired with a Control Panel." Tap the logo on the bottom right corner of the control panel (not keypad) and enter your installer code. This will get you into the installer toolbox where we need to go to Q4 and set the keypad number. The equipment code is 1059.

You can pair up to 4 total TS1 keypads to a single control panel. When you are prompted to enter the Keypad ID you can simply press "learn" on the control pane and put it into learning mode. Then go to the TS1 and click "pair with panel." After the keypad is paired you can setup custom alpha descriptors for the keypad and begin testing.

Brand: 2GIG

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Yes the TS1 does have a speaker to offer audible voice announcements upon zone faults and alarms.
Does the TS1 have a speaker to announce alarms out loud?
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