Why Is My 2GIG TS1 Not Pairing With My GC2 or GC2e After a Firmware Update?

Your 2GIG TS1 is not pairing with your GC2 or GC2e after a firmware update because your panel thinks that the TS1 is already paired. The solution is to clear the keypad slot and then re-program the TS1 with the system from scratch. There are also other miscellaneous fixes you can try.

After updating your GC2 firmware or your GC2e firmware, and/or updating your TS1 firmware, you may find that your TS1 Keypad is no longer paired with your system. Then when you go to try and pair the keypad again, you are finding that the process cannot be completed. The thing to remember here is that the TS1 pairs with the GC2 or GC2e using bi-directional (two-way) communication. Both the panel and the keypad must acknowledge the pairing in order for keypad enrollment to be successful. That is why the 2GIG XCVR2-345 Transceiver is required, as it is what makes bi-directional communication possible for the GC2 or GC2e. In this case, the panel still thinks that the keypad is paired, but the TS1 thinks that its un-enrolled. Since the TS1 Keypad shows no enrollment, the logical solution is to try and complete the pairing process as normal. But since the panel still thinks that the keypad is enrolled, pairing will never be successful, as it is not possible to pair a TS1 that is already enrolled, even if enrollment is only completed on the panel's end.

In this case, the solution is to clear the keypad programming on the GC2 or GC2e so that the system knows on its end that the TS1 is not enrolled. From there, you can complete the pairing process like you would for a new TS1 Keypad. Before beginning, you may want to verify firmware versions. As of November 2020, the latest firmware version for a 2GIG TS1 Keypad is 1.16. This version will work with any 2GIG GC2 or GC2e on that same firmware version or higher, provided that a 2GIG XCVR2-345 unit is properly installed inside the system. For reference, the latest 2GIG GC2 Firmware is Firmware Version 1.19.3, and the latest 2GIG GC2e Firmware is Firmware Version 1.23. Remember, this information is accurate as of November 2020.

Once you have verified that the system and the keypad are both on the proper firmware, you can begin the troubleshooting process. Start by clearing the keypad slot associated with the TS1 from programming. To do this, start from the main screen of the 2GIG GC2 or GC2e, and click the 2GIG Logo in the bottom-right corner. Then enter the Installer Code for the system. These systems have a default Installer Code of 1561, so try that code if you are unsure what to use. Then choose System Configuration to enter programming. From there, click the Go To button located near the right side of the screen. Enter [04] to access Question 4 (Q4), which is the question used for configuring keypads. Use the left and right arrows to find the keypad slot associated with the TS1 unit you are troubleshooting. Set the keypad slot to [0] for Disabled. Then keep pressing the down arrow to scroll through the rest of the keypad setting screens. They do not matter, as you have disabled the keypad slot. Then when you reach the summary screen, choose Edit Next. Then choose End in the bottom-right corner. Ensure that the "Save Changes" box is marked. Press Exit to finish clearing the keypad slot. The 2GIG GC2 or GC2e will reboot to apply the changes.

Once the system reloads, you can attempt the TS1 pairing process as normal. More information on how to enroll the TS1 Keypad with the 2GIG Go!Control GC2 can be found in this FAQ. The 2GIG GC2e follows the same pairing process, so you can also follow that FAQ if you have a GC2e System. You should find that the 2GIG TS1 Keypad enrolls successfully. If you are still having trouble, then you may need to try re-seating the 2GIG XCVR2-345 module inside the GC2 or GC2e. When reseating the module, make sure to power down your system first by disconnecting the backup battery and unplugging the transformer. Do not attempt to remove or reconnect the 2GIG XCVR2-345 while the system is powered on. When powering the system back on after re-seating the 2GIG XCVR2-345, remember to reconnect the backup battery before plugging the transformer back into the outlet. Then try to pair the TS1 again. If this still doesn't work after multiple attempts then you may need to replace the GC2 or GC2e and/or the TS1 Keypad.

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