System Enhancement Module (SEM) with Telus LTE and IP Communicator

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The ADC-SEM210-VT-TL will allow a VISTA P-Series System to use dual-path connectivity for alarm monitoring. This module allows for connectivity across the Telus LTE Network in Canada and a wired ethernet connection. This SEM is for use in Canada only. Buy the ADC-SEM210-VT-TL here.
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This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


If you want to use with a Honeywell VISTA System in Canada, then the ADC-SEM210-VT-TL can provide great results. This is a combination dual-path LTE & IP communicator plus a smart home automation controller that allows a panel to connect with the interactive platform.

Alarm control panels from Honeywell and Resideo traditionally access the Total Connect 2.0 platform instead of But a System Enhancement Module (SEM) like the ADC-SEM210-VT-TL is used to connect the panel with the platform instead. This is good for users who don't want to use TC2 and would prefer to access ADC instead. Both services offer similar functions and features. But a user might want to use ADC if they already have Security Cameras or if they want to take advantage of the Video Analytics features.

The biggest advantage of the ADC-SEM210-VT-TL is that it provides dual-path connectivity for alarm monitoring. For cellular connectivity, the the module works across the Telus LTE Network. This network is only accessible in Canada, so you should only purchase this module if you plan to use your alarm system in Canada. American customers will get better results out of either the AT&T LTE SEM or the Verizon LTE SEM. But if you are going to use your system in Canada, then the Telus LTE Network is expected to remain in service well into the very distant future. In addition to a cellular connection, the ADC-SEM210-VT-TL will also allow for IP monitoring across a hardwired ethernet connection. Please note that you will need a Gold Plan or higher from Alarm Grid to take full advantage of this module.

Another great aspect of the ADC-SEM210-VT-TL involves its smart home automation capabilities. The module is a complete Z-Wave Plus controller, allowing you to use convenient Z-Wave devices like smart lights, locks, and thermostats. If you want to get the most out of these devices, you should make sure that they are certified Z-Wave Plus instead of just standard Z-Wave. All Z-Wave Plus devices will provide further wireless range and extended battery life when compared with classic Z-Wave devices. However, you can still pair classic Z-Wave devices with this module. All Z-Wave operation and control will need to occur through the Mobile App or website. A VISTA Panel will not allow for on-site automation control when using an SEM.

In order to use the ADC-SEM210-VT-TL, you will need a VISTA P-Series Panel. These include the VISTA 10P, 15P, 20P and 21iP Systems. The panel must be from 2005 or newer, and it must be running firmware version 3.1 or higher. You can determine the manufacture date and the firmware version by checking the PROM Chip. This is a small black chip found on the main circuit board. The PROM Chip will have a white sticker with a code. The code should start with "WA", and it will let you know if the system is capable of supporting an SEM. Keep in mind that certain branded equivalents like the First Alert FA16CPS can also support an SEM.

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