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Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch


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The GE 14318 is a Z-Wave in-wall smart switch that allows you to control your hardwired lights from anywhere. It can easily replace an existing light switch. Pairing the device with your Z-Wave hub will integrate it with the rest of your Z-Wave network. Purchase the GE 14318 from Alarm Grid.
  • Z-Wave Plus
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The GE 14318 Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch allows users to control their lights from anywhere using an corresponding mobile app. The device replaces a standard in-wall switch to turn your lights into smart devices. The in-wall switch is easy to install and integrate with your Z-Wave network.

Getting started with the GE 14318 is very simple. Start by cutting power to the light switch where you plan to use the GE 14318. Remove the existing light switch, and install the GE 14318 in its place. The device can easily fit into a single-gang bracket. An included wall bracket ensures a neat installation. You can then pair the in-wall switch with your Z-Wave network. Make sure to exclude the device before attempting the inclusion process.

Please note that you only need to use a traveler wire if the device is being used as part of a multi-switch setup. You will also need the GE Add-On Switch for 3-way or 4-way installations. This product must be purchased separately. You might also consider using the GoControl WT00Z5-1 Z-Wave 3-Way Smart Switch in conjunction with the GoControl WD500Z5-1 Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer or the GoControl WS15Z5-1 Z-Wave In-Wall Switch. This might be a preferred option if you plan to establish a multi-switch setup.

There are load considerations when using the GE 14318. The maximum load cannot exceed 960W for Incandescent or 1800W for Resistive. Make sure that the lights you want to use will work with these restrictions. The GE 14138 is a Z-Wave Plus device, and it achieves the furtherest signal range when used with a Z-Wave Plus controller. You can use it with a standard Z-Wave controller, but this will limit the maximum range. For best results, use a Z-Wave Plus controller.

Please note that this is a non-dimmable model. GE also offers the GE 14294, which has a dimming function. You should use that model if you intend on using dimmable lights.

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