Will a Smart Phone work w/ unmonitored Lyric Gateway?

A Lyric Gateway will need monitoring to program in sensors and adjust system settings. A smart phone can operate the Lyric Gateway with the “My Home Controller” App.

The Lyric Gateway doesn’t have an integrated display, there is only a touch keypad and illuminated panic buttons. To connect to, and interact with, the system a user will need to download the “MyHome Gateway” app. This app is available for free on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Play stores. To connect, the Smartphone or Tablet with the app will need to be on the same WIFI network as the Gateway.

The Lyric Gateway is the latest all in one system by Honeywell. It’s built with a WIFI communicator, integrated Ethernet jack and Z-Wave controller. The top of the system opens to reveal expansion bays where an AT&T or Verizon cellular communicator can be installed. The Gateway can use any one of its three communication methods as the sole communication path, or combine Cellular and either WIFI or Ethernet in a dual path setup. In this configuration, the system will automatically switch to a secondary communication path (cellular) when the primary path (Ethernet or WIFI) fails.

The system also has an integrated Z-Wave controller. This allows the Gateway to start enrolling and interacting with home automation devices as soon as the MyHome Gateway app has been configured. The Lyric Gateway supports up to 76 Z-Wave devices - 6 Z-Wave thermostats, 6 Z-Wave door locks, 4 Z-Wave garage door openers and 60 Z-Wave appliance & light modules. The system can also map in up to 4 Lyric WIFI thermostats, via Total Connect 2.0.

One of the most important differences between the Lyric Gateway, and the Lyric Controller is the fact that a user will need the Lyric Gateway to be monitored in order to program security and other devices into the system. Deep level programming can only be accessed through AlarmNet360, which a typical end user will not have access to. Lyric Gateway users will need to contact their security company to request zone edits, system configuration changes, timer settings and so on.

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