Honeywell Home PROTAKEOVER

Legacy RF Receiver for PROA7PLUS & PROA7

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The Honeywell Home PROTAKEOVER is an add-on for the Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS that allows the panel to support one of several legacy RF sensors. The module allows the user to choose between Honeywell 5800, 2GIG 345 MHz, Bosch, and 319.5 MHz Sensors. Buy the Honeywell Home PROTAKEOVER here.
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The Honeywell Home PROTAKEOVER is a module add-on for the PROA7PLUS, PROA7PLUSC, PROA7, and PROA7C. By installing this module, your system will be able to support one of several legacy RF sensor lineups. You can pick between Honeywell 5800, 2GIG 345 MHz, 433 MHz, 319.5 MHz, and Bosch Sensors.

Right out of the box, a ProSeries Panel can readily support Honeywell Home PROSIX Series Sensors and older Honeywell SiX Series Sensors. The PROSIX and SiX Series Sensors are state-of-the-art and offer the best range for the system and 128-bit AES encryption for enhanced wireless security. But if you want to bring over existing legacy sensors to the panel, then you need to add the Honeywell Home PROTAKEOVER Module. This is the only way to provide legacy sensor support for a ProSeries System. The PROTAKEOVER Module receives all its power (5V) from the alarm panel.

When installing the PROTAKEOVER Module, you must make sure to power down the system entirely. This is done by opening up the panel and disconnecting the backup battery and unplugging the AC transformer. The module is inserted into a cover slot on the panel. A screw is used to secure it into place. You must set the rotary switch on the module to the number that corresponds with the desired legacy frequency. The table below shows the rotary switch settings.

Rotary Switch Setting
Legacy Sensor Frequency
0 Honeywell 5800
1 2GIG 345 MHz (Does NOT Include 5800)
2 DSC 433 MHz
3 Qolsys & Interlogix 319.5 MHz
4 Bosch Sensors

Once the PROTAKEOVER Module has been installed, it will replace the existing back plate for the ProSeries Panel. The PROTAKEOVER serves as the back plate, as it also provides an antenna for communicating with the legacy sensors. Please note that life-safety sensors, including smoke detectors and CO detectors, should NOT be used with the Honeywell Home PROTAKEOVER Module. If you want life-safety sensors for your ProSeries Panel, consider buying sensors from the PROSIX Lineup. Options include the PROSIXSMOKEV, the PROSIXCO, and the PROSIXCOMBO.

For more information on which legacy sensors are compatible with the PROTAKEOVER, please refer to the compatibility chart released by Resideo. Only one (1) PROTAKEOVER Module can be installed inside the ProSeries System at any given time. This means that only one (1) legacy sensor lineup can be used with the panel. By adding the PROTAKEOVER Module, you will unlock the potential to use 250 zones with the PROA7PLUS System. Only 127 zones can be used with PROSIX and SiX Series Sensors. The other 123 are unlocked upon installing the PROTAKEOVER for legacy sensors.


  • Device Type: Legacy RF Receiver Add-On
  • Compatibility: Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS & PROA7 ; Resideo PROA7PLUSC & PROA7C
  • Available Frequencies: Honeywell 5800, 2GIG 345 MHz, DSC 433 MHz, Qolsys & Interlogix 319.5 MHz, Bosch Sensors
  • Selectable Frequencies: One (1)
  • Life-Safety Sensor Support: No
  • Integrated Antenna: Yes
  • Input Voltage: 5V (From Alarm Panel)
  • Board Dimensions: 2.64"L x 1.18"W x 0.063"D
  • Operating Temperature: -10°F to 131°F
  • Storage Temperature: -40°F to 158°F
  • Operating Humidity: 10% t0 90%, Non-Condensing

Brand: HoneywellResideo

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