Do weather, news, & traffic show on a LYNXTouch system?

To get weather information and tornado alerts on a Lynx touch alarm system a user will need their monitoring company to enable “Information Services” for their account.

The Honeywell Lynx Touch Alarm Systems are all-in-one wireless home alarm systems. The Lynx Touch systems are able to communicate over Phone Line (except the Lynx Touch 7000) Ethernet, WIFI and/or Cellular. With their bright touchscreen display, Lynx Touch panels are ideal for displaying information and allowing interaction with the panel. To access Lynx Touch panels remotely, the panel will need to be connected to an AlarmNet account. AlarmNet is the manufacturer of the IP and Cellular communicators that can be used with these panels. They maintain the servers that Lynx Touch panels connect to in order to send Cellular and Internet communications to central station, as well as providing the Total Connect 2.0 platform for remote system control. The alarm company that is providing monitoring service can enable the feature “Information Services”. Enabling this option for a Lynx Touch panel will allow the panel to display weather and temperature information and also issues tornado warnings, based on the ZIP code entered in the account. The information from this service is provided by Accuweather. Previously, in addition to Weather, Information Services also included Traffic and News information, but with the popularity of smart devices, and other sources for News and Traffic, Honeywell made the decision to remove those options from this service.

With the Lynx Connect app, a user is able to turn a compatible smart device (Android or iOS) into a wireless touchscreen keypad which can be used to interact with the panel, as long as the smart device and the Lynx Touch are on the same WIFI network. Lynx Touch panels can interface with the 5828 or 5828V Wireless Keypad, but as the 5828/5828V is fixed english, the amount of information they can display is limited. Using the Lynx Connect app, an end user is able to “create” touchscreen keypads. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the iOS App store for $1. Conveniently, the user interface of the Lynx Connect app is identical to the Lynx touch screen, and will display weather information as seen here.

To learn how to connect Lynx Connect to a Lynx Touch panel, click here.

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