Why Won't My New SiX Series Device Program Into My Lyric Panel?

Your new SiX Series device won't program into your Lyric Panel because your panel is not running a high enough firmware version. Newer SiX Series Sensors have an updated MAC prefix. Unlike the older MAC prefix, SiX Sensors with an updated prefix require system firmware MR7 or higher.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

There have been a few cases of end users being unable to enroll their new SiX Series Sensors with the Lyric System because their system is not running a high enough firmware. This is something to check if you have SiX Series Sensors with a MAC prefix of either B8:2C:A0 or 8A:CB:A4. Both of these MAC prefixes are new, and the associated sensors will not work with a Lyric System that is running a lower firmware version.

There are two way to quickly check and see if your SiX Sensor is running one of the new MAC prefixes. The first is to check the device box for the following yellow sticker:

You can also check the white sticker with the MAC address on the sensor itself:

Keep in mind that sensors with the old MAC prefix will work with any Lyric System, regardless of the firmware version. For reference, the older MAC prefix is 00:D0:2D. If the MAC address for a SiX Sensor begins with that code, it will work with any Lyric Panel. The MAC address can usually be found on a white sticker on the sensor, inside the sensor, or possibly in both places.

If you want to check the Firmware version for your Lyric, you should go to Security > Tools > Master Code (default 1234) > Advanced > System Information. Firmware version MR7 reads as 01.07.07648.491. So if your firmware version is lower, beginning with 01.04 or lower, then you will need to perform a firmware update. Please note that you can only update the firmware on the Lyric if it is connected with AlarmNet360. This requires active monitoring service.

If a customer has a Lyric that is not monitored, then they will be unable to have the firmware updated. The best option in this case, if you have the ability to connect the panel to WIFI, is to sign-up for a Self-Bronze Plan with Alarm Grid for one month. That way, you can have the update applied without locking yourself into a monitoring contract. All Alarm Grid monitoring plans are month-to-month, and there is never any longterm commitment.

By doing this, you will receive access to Total Connect 2.0 for the duration of your service. Total Connect 2.0 offers some distinct advantages over other options, such as Apple HomeKit, which is also commonly used with the Lyric. It is generally advised that an end user keeps both HomeKit and TC2 with their Lyric System. That way, they will get the best of both worlds.

You also need monitoring to activate HomeKit, so keeping the service for a month to test Total Connect 2.0 is not a bad idea. If you find you don't need the service, then you can cancel during the first month. You can also use that opportunity to activate HomeKit service on your Lyric. If you would like to learn more about the differences between HomeKit and Total Connect 2.0, check this helpful FAQ.

Once your system is monitored and connected with ANET360, you can proceed to update the firmware. This FAQ will help you complete the process. Once your Lyric System is on the latest firmware, you can proceed to enroll any new SiX Series Sensors. We recommend using the SiX Programming option to complete the process.

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