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The SiXPIR is the motion detector for the Honeywell Lyric. The SiXPIR is the perfect, discreet solution for those who want to add redundancy to their system. Make sure you know that no one is in your home when they're not supposed to be when you order your new SiXPIR.
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The Honeywell SiXPIR is a wireless passive infrared motion sensor which uses Honeywell's SiX Series encrypted wireless protocol to communicate securely with the Lyric Controller Alarm System. It has an attractive, modern design with a rounded lens that fits unobtrusively into any decor.

The SixPIR has a coverage area of 40 feet by 56 feet, and a recommended mounting height of between 7 feet and 9 feet. Optimal mounting height for pet immunity, up to 80 pounds, is 7 feet 6 inches. The SixPIR requires one (1) 3-Volt Lithium battery, and recommended replacement batteries are the Panasonic CR123A, the Duracell DL 123A, or the Honeywell 466, not that you'll need them any time soon.

This motion has both a back tamper, to alert you if the device is removed from its mounting location, and a cover tamper, and they report independently of one another. It can be mounted flat to the wall, or corner mounted, and as with all passive infrared motion detectors, which sense motion by detecting changes in ambient temperature across the detection pattern, should not be mounted near, or facing, sources of air movement or rapid temperature change, such as heating vents, air conditioners, central air intake vents, ceiling fans, or large areas of glass with direct exposure to the sun.

After being enrolled into the system, the SiXPIR can be put into walk test mode via the Lyric Controller, or, prior to first arming, can be placed into this mode using a flashlight with a strong, narrow beam. Shine the beam of the flashlight, within 4 feet, straight at the lens of the motion for 1 to 2 seconds, 3 to 5 times. The LED indicating test mode will flash, and the unit will stay in walk test mode for 10 minutes.

During walk test, the LED on the SiXPIR will illuminate each time it senses motion. Be sure to thoroughly walk test to verify proper mounting height, and placement. It's also a good idea to make sure any fans, air conditioners, heaters, or other possible sources of movement and temperature change are on, and that they do not cause the motion to activate when no one is within the field of view. Once the system has been armed for the first time, the flashlight option is no longer available, and the motion can only be put into test mode via the Lyric Controller.

Please read this important note regarding SiX Sensors and Lyric compatibility!

Note: Once the SiXPIR has been enrolled in a Lyric Controller, it will not work on any other system until it has been removed from the original controller. If you do remove it from the system, then the sensor must be in range to receive a signal from the panel to let it know that it was been removed from programming and is now free to be added to a new system. Deleting the sensor without the sensor being able to receive the delete signal can result in it being unable to be paired with a new system. For more information on SiX programming, click here.

Brand: HoneywellResideo

Bob, I have found that when using a SixPir in a garage or other areas and it is set on "General Monitor" you don't get any alarms, but you do get an announcement ["Activity, Garage Motion Sensor"] at the panel even when the Lyric is not armed. If you have a remote keypad (LKP500-EN), you will also get the same announcement at the remote keypad. Pretty cool feature.
Hi Dave, please email us at so that we can take a look at your account to review possible solutions.
I am self-monitoring via AlarmGrid. When using General Monitor, I don't get a text or email, only a voice announcement at the panel. Which other setting would give a text/email when Armed Stay? The SixPir is on a patio in back of the house. Don't want sirens going off, just a text/email. Possible?
Yes you can program the devices as General Monitor, which would allow for the sensor to still be able to alert you but not the central station.
Sterling, I would also like to add a SIXPIR in my garage, but not have it send an Alarm, just a text or email. Is this possible? If so, what settings on my Lyric panel would enable this? Concerning the SIXPIR, I can't seem to find any definitions of the Response Types available. It would be nice to understand the differences of the various Response Types when programming a SIXPIR, or other sensors for that matter.
Nope, the SIXPIR will sleep for its full 3 minute period if it gets activated when the system is disarmed. This will need to expire before the motion can be activated again, even if the system arms during this period.
Hey all - does anyone know if the SiXPIR goes to "sleep" after seeing motion? The 5800 series go to sleep for 3 minutes after seeing motion and I'm curious if with the two-way communication with SiX if the motion is smart enough to "sleep" only in a disarmed state and report all motions (no sleep) when armed.
Regular passive infrared motions do have a high chance at false alarming in that environment. A glass break wouldn't have this risk. Also, a dual tech motion, one that uses infrared and microwave, could be installed in that location.
Whats the best choice for securing a sun room with 8 windows and a large glass door? Motion detector facing away from the windows or a glass break?
Yes, the General Monitor zone type would be appropriate if you just want a panel alert when the motion is faulted. It would not cause a real alarm when the system is armed. Is that something you would want and is your system monitored currently? Supervision is suggested so that you'd know if the sensor wasn't being "seen" by the panel (due to damage, battery issues or range/interference issues). I believe the note is to warn you that you'd get possible false alarms if you mounted it near moving machinery.
Looking to do the same setup. My question is what response type would you recommend, General Monitor? I'm just looking for an alert at the panel. Would this type of setup cause a false alarm when armed in stay and/or away? Also, I'm assuming supervision would need to be enabled so it talks back to the panel however would alarm report need to be disabled? Lastly, per the manual it states "avoid close proximity to moving machinery," would a garage door fall into that category?
While we agree that the design could be better, the clips aren't actually the problem. It's more a matter of understanding the right way to open/close the motion to avoid issues. To open, you need to click in the top button and then apply slight pressure to separate the two units (back plate from motion) as you continue to simultaneously push up on the back plate and down on the motion. If done correctly, there should be no risk of damaging the case plastic.
I know this is an old post, and probably resolved, but for the benefit of anyone else reading this and having similar problems, you might also want to check to make sure the backplate is installed snugly against the unit. The way it is fastened is poorly designed, and the delicate little retaining clips bend/break VERY easily, causing the unit to not "lock" properly into place.
Thanks. A walk test is definitely in order. Just need to work out the correct angle and mounting.
This would work in theory but you'll need to really make sure to thoroughly walk test the motion so that it's picking you up in all areas of the room as expected.
I have grey walls and I need to install the SIXPIR on the white moulding above, so that it would blend in. My ceilings are 10 feet, and therefore the sensor would be mounted at 9 feet 6 inches or so. Above the 9 foot max height. In addition, I was thinking of mounting at an angle so that it would counteract the higher placement and better match the detection patterns shown in install. What do you think?
Okay, I figured the problem out. I attempted to use the "suspect" SIXPIR in our great room, and was again able to successfully enroll the sensor but could not get the Tamper to clear. I started taking a physical look at the internals of the sensor and noted that the small metal clip that composes the internal tamper "short" from one contact point to the other contact point had one bent leg on it, so it was never able to conduct fully from one contact point to the other. It apparently arrived from the manufacturer this way. I made a small adjustment to the clip and it is working properly now.
Well, I tried another SIXPIR in the same location and had no problem enrolling it and had no issue with the Tamper fault. I will try the "suspect" SIXPIR in another location to see if it gives the same problem.
Help - I am struggling with installation of a SIXPIR on a new system. I have successfully enrolled the motion detector three separate times, but each time I am getting a Tamper fault on the sensor that I cannot get to clear. Ideas?
Also, what is the "RF Type" showing on the Serial number page on the right hand column? It should be reading Motion before you try auto enrolling the device.
You removed the battery tab, right?
We have seen a few of these motions that were somehow enrolled to a controller before distribution. What are the LEDs doing on the motion when you try to enroll it? Please report back to us at with your findings. We will ensure we troubleshoot the issue or swap it for a new one.
Hi, I just received the LyricPK10-VZ package and it's really great. Just 1 problem, the sixpic motion detector will not enroll, either automatically, or manually (enter the MAC address). The auto enroll never show any MAC address, and when I manually enter it the zone says "enter serial number or activate sensor" and the battery icon is red. Do you think it's a defective sixpir or did I do something wrong? Thanks.
Thsnks Sterling...Due to the size, it's hard for me to read those install sheets anyway so one little line for a completely new process might not be enough..Either way, I hope that does the trick...
Thanks for sharing your experience as I'm sure it will help others. I do want to point out that the SiXPIR does mention that Pet Immunity is a selectable feature referenced on page 2 of the installation guide ( ), at the bottom of the Enroll the SiXPR section.
No problem..After you select it, exit back to the main screen and then go back to make sure it still selected. I too am excited to see if this ends my issues. I have faith that it will and then I can go back to loveing my new Lyric!
Thank you @TonyRN:disqus! I too had been having that problem and had not had the time to sit down and look at it. Thank you for sharing! We will see how it goes on the next Arm Away with the dog!
Well, I never heard back but I figured it out and I will share what I found. What makes these sensors better than most is the fact that they have two way communication. They are much smarter than the old sensors and do not have any dip switchs for adjusting the sensitivity. EVERYTHING is handled either by the controller or Alarmnet360(your dealer). Ok, If someone out there has these new sensors installed and all the sudden you are having false alarms due to your pets, here is the fix. These are NOT shipped ready for installations with pets. You must go to the sensor after it is enrolled and select edit. Then, scroll down past the SN, Loop, etc.. and on the next "page" you will see a option for enabling PET IMMUNITY. Select yes and the controller will updste the SixPIR Motion Detector over the air with your new setting. Being used to the "old" 5800 series motions, I had no idea that you had to do this from the panel. Your dealer can also log in and change things for you so if you have any issues, I would start there...Honeywell had ZERO reference to this VERY important step in the instructions and I could find no info online either..Now you know what I know...Hope this helps someone out there..It was driving me crazy..
Hey Sterling..I am loving the Lyric system but I am having a issue with these motions. I replaced 2 5800 PIR & 1 5894PI with the SIXPIR's I bought from you guys and just swapped them out. I took the old on s down and put the new ones up. I have never had a false alarm before but have had 3 in the last week from these SIXPIR'S in two different locations. Now, Its not a malfunction as I know my dogs are causing them to go off. (See them on my cams) However, my dogs NEVER set off any of the older gen stuff in the exact same location. All motions are at recommend heights and have nothing in front within 6 feet that the dogs can climb on. Not loving the Pet Immunity function of these bad boys. Any Ideas?
A tamper alarm indicates the cover isn't holding down the tamper switch so you should try holding down the tamper switch with your finger while you disarm twice to make sure that clears the error, verifying the tamper switch is working properly. Once you've done that, try re-attaching the motion to the back plate and once it's on properly, a double disarm should clear the tamper trouble.
I keep getting a tamper error a few minutes after I install this motion detector. I go through installation and the walk test with no problems then about 5-10 minutes later I get a tamper error. What am I doing wrong?
Okay. Thanks for the info Sterling.
The operating temperature for the SiXPIR and the SiXSIREN is 32° to 122° F so I'm not sure either unit will work well in that environment year round. You can certainly set up a motion to chime when faulted in the disarmed state. At this time, there aren't really any other siren options than the SiXSIREN when using the Lyric so you may have to just give it a try with the SiXSIREN and hope it is loud enough.
On the neighbors hearing an alarm, maybe I am asking the wrong question. Is there another wireless siren, perhaps that plugs into an outlet, that I could hook up instead of the SIX Siren that would have a louder range... say 110 db or so?
I was looking for a chime alert from the panel, not a text alert. I want this only for when I am home for UPS deliveries or if someone wonders in. Not sure I would want it to do that in armed/stay mode and definitely not in armed mode, but I was hoping it could be done when the alarm is disarmed. I am not sure how to accomplish what I want it to do. If it matters I am now leaning toward central station monitoring/reporting. In SC the outside temperature rarely drops below 5 degrees Fahrenheit or goes over 110 degrees. The temperature inside the garage is somewhat moderated by the garage door and attachment to the house, and it does keep the temperature about 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in the winter. I was thinking about adding an alarm in the attic but the temperature there may get as high as 140 degrees. I wanted to make sure the neighbors could hear the alarm, but have my doubts about 85 db being able to be heard if the garage door is closed.
What type of "alert" would you be looking for when the motion is activated? An alert at the panel or a text/email? Also what are the temperature ranges that you see in your garage as different areas of the country would have vastly different "extreme" temperatures.
I want to add a SIXPIR sensor to the garage so that it will beep or chime when someone enters the garage when I am home and the garage door is open. Can this be used as an alert with the Lyric controller when not in an "Armed and Away" status? I also wanted to install an Six alarm either in the garage or in the attic directly above the garage as well. I will be installing a tilt switch on the garage door and a window switch on the window, so can I assume that all of these devices will work in temperature and humidity extremes found in a garage environment?
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