Why Is My SiX Motion Sensor Flashing When My Alarm System Is Disarmed?

Your SiX Motion Sensor is flashing when your alarm system is disarmed because the sensor is currently in its walk test mode. The Honeywell SiXPIR will flash a red LED light whenever it detects motion while the device is in its walk test mode. This mode is important for testing your sensors.

Honeywell sixpir lyric smart sensor motion

A walk test is something you want to perform whenever you install a new sensor. This is very important for making sure that the sensor was mounted properly and that it responds appropriately when activated. Motion sensors like the SiXPIR are particularly sensitive, and you may experience false alarms if the device isn't mounted properly. That is why you should definitely take the time to perform a walk test with your Honeywell SiXPIR Motion Sensor. For more information on performing a walk test for a SiXPIR, please review this FAQ.

The red LED light that appears whenever the sensor detects motion during its walk test is one of its special features. The sensor will flash this red LED whenever motion is detected while the sensor is in its walk test mode. This way, you can easily check the sensor to make sure that it is detecting motion when you move in front of it. You should also make sure that the red LED light is not being displayed when there is no motion occurring in front of the sensor. A failed walk test indicates that you likely need to made adjustments to the sensor's positioning.

The way to put the SiXPIR into its walk test mode is to initiate a panel walk test. This requires that the sensor is already enrolled with a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System. By putting the system itself into its walk test mode, all enrolled sensors will also enter into a walk test state. Any SiXPIR Motion Sensors that you have enrolled with the system will flash a red LED light whenever they detect motion. To manually exit walk test mode, press the Home icon, and enter a valid 4-digit code. The system will automatically exit its walk test mode after four (4) hours. Once walk test is exited, the sensor will no longer flash a red LED when it detects motion. If you want to learn more about the walk test mode for the Lyric System, please check this helpful FAQ.

Once your SiXPIR has been programmed with your Lyric Panel, you can put the sensor into its walk test mode by initiating a system-wide walk test. To do this, complete the following steps:

1. Start the walk test. Go to your Lyric Panel. From the main screen choose Security > Tools > Installer Code (default 4112) > Test > Walk Test. The system will now be in its walk test mode. The panel will beep once every 35 seconds to remind you that a walk test is active.

2. Perform the walk test. Test any sensors that require testing. Assuming you are testing a SiXPIR you should have it mounted in its intended location. Make sure that it responds reliably to motion. Walk in the path that an intruder would likely take. Also make sure that it does not activate when there is no motion. Turn on the air or heat to be sure that the movement of normally stationary items, such as curtains, won't cause the motion to activate. Remember, the sensor will show a red LED whenever it detects motion. If you have pets, you should make sure to test them with the sensor as well to ensure that pet-immunity is functioning properly.

3. Exit the walk test. You can exit walk test mode by going to your Lyric System and pressing the home button. You must then provide your Installer Code or Master Code to exit the walk test. The SiXPIR Sensor should not flash its red LED light once the system is not in its walk test mode.

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It did leave test mode and it only happened one time that I am aware of. The only light that is close is the SIXSMOKE mounted on the ceiling above it and about 5' away. That flashes every 10 seconds or so. When the room is dark that green light is fairly bright.
There have been no reports of that issue. There is a way to put it in test with a flash light. can head light hit the motion from where its at. Another thing it should come out of test mode after 10 min did it ever leave test mode if you could please reply to support@alarmgrid.com
So I got up early this morning to see the SIX PIR in our room was in walk test mode. Flashing red every time we moved. Trouble is nobody here put it in test mode. Any other reports of this ever happening? Just going in to walk test mode for no reason?

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