DSC WTK5504DMK - Desk Mount Kit for WTK5504 Touchscreen Keypad

Good Desk Mount!
Submitted on 05/14/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC WTK5504DMK is a desk mount and AC transformer kit for the DSC WTK5504 Touchscreen Keypad. This kit is useful if you want to have your Impassa, Alexor, or PowerSeries Touchscreen Keypad rested on a desk, table, or counter instead of mounted to a wall. Many users prefer desk mounting as opposed to wall mounting, as it means that no holes will need to be drilled into the wall. This makes the installation easier for a DIY user, and it can be absolutely essential for renters who do not have permission to drill holes in the wall. We think this is a very useful desk mount for anyone with a DSC WTK5504 as their secondary keypad who wants to place it on a desk, table or counter. Positioning the keypad upright with this desk mount sure beats laying it down flat. For that reason, we give the DSC WTK5504DMK a 5 Star rating.

There are many things we like about the DSC WTK5504DMK. The desk mount is built very nicely, and you can expect it to last for the life of your system's keypad. It does a great job of keeping the keypad upright and easily accessible. The plug-in AC transformer is a nice bonus, as you can use that instead of battery power. The desk mount is very easy to install, and it is a great option for DIY users. Meanwhile, the downsides for the DSC WTK5504DMK are relatively minor. The desk mount and transformer is for the DSC WTK5504 only, which makes it rather limited in how it can be used. Also, the product has been discontinued, so you are unlikely to find it new. If you find a used one, it should still work fine. All things considered, the DSC WTK5504DMK receives 5 Stars.

Good: Great Build Quality, Keeps Keypad Upright, AC Transformer, Easy to Install. Good for DIYers

Bad: Only for WTK5504, Discontinued

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Honeywell LTEIV-TC2 - Dual Path Verizon LTE Communicator, Total Connect 2.0 Upgrade Kit

Excellent Communicator Upgrade Kit!
Submitted on 05/14/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell LTEIV-TC2 is an upgrade kit that includes a Honeywell LTE-IV Verizon LTE & IP Dual-Path Communicator for VISTA Systems, as well as the latest PROM Chip upgrades for the Honeywell VISTA-15P and Honeywell VISTA-20P Security Systems. This is a great kit to get if you need to upgrade your VISTA System to LTE, and you also need a new PROM Chip for the system. The minimum PROM Chip version needed for a 15P or 20P System to support Total Connect 2.0 is 9.12, so any less than that usually warrants an upgrade. This is a great kit, and we wholeheartedly recommend it if you need both a new communicator and a PROM Chip upgrade. It gets 5 Stars.

There are many things that we like about the Honeywell LTE-IV and the LTEIV-TC2 Kit. The communicator is dual-path, so even if one communication path goes down, the panel will remain online and monitored. The Verizon LTE Network used with this communicator is expected to remain active and in-service, even as newer 5G networks are inevitably made available. This means that the LTE-IV will keep your system monitored for many years to come. The 15P and 20P PROM Chip upgrades are a nice bonus, as many users will need an upgrade to use TC2.

There are not many downsides for the Honeywell LTEIV-TC2. Since this is a dual-path communicator, you will need a cellular monitoring plan for full functionality. These are typically more expensive than IP-only monitoring plans. But the trade-off is that cellular communication is more reliable, so many users think that it is worth the extra money. Like any VISTA Communicator, the LTE-IV must be physically installed. This isn't super difficult, but it is still something to consider. Lastly, you only need this upgrade kit if your VISTA System is not running a high enough PROM Chip. These downsides are fairly minor, and they do not stop us from giving the LTEIV-TC2 a 5 Star rating.

Good: Dual-Path, Verizon LTE, PROM Chip Upgrades

Bad: Needs Cellular Monitoring for Full Functionality, Communicator Must be Installed, Only for Users Needing PROM Chip Upgrade

Bottom Line: 5 Stars ADC-V720 - Outdoor POE Camera with Night Vision

Discontinued Camera
Submitted on 05/14/2020 Alarm Grid

The ADC-V720 is an outdoor mini bullet camera that has since been discontinued. This camera uses a wired ethernet connection for communicating with, and it uses power over ethernet (PoE) technology for power. The camera is known for its extremely compact and discreet design, and it is really nice for tucking away in a convenient outdoor location. However, it is an older camera, and it doesn't quite match the specifications of newer and more capable cameras. For that reason, we only give the ADC-V720 a 4 Star rating out of a possible 5.

There are some key aspects we like about the ADC-V720. The mini bullet camera is tight and compact, so you can really be creative in where you place it. The PoE functionality is very useful, as you do not need to run a separate wire to the camera for providing power. This can really come in handy when setting up a security camera network. And we like the fact that video compression can be adjusted by the user to help ensure seamless live playback.

But the downsides for the ADC-V720 are difficult to ignore. The camera cannot connect to a WIFI network, which is somewhat disappointing. Your only option is to use an ethernet cable for network connectivity. The recording capability of the camera leaves a little to be desired. Remember, this is an older camera, and it can only record in 720P quality. There is also the fact that the camera has been discontinued, and you are unlikely to find it new. A used model should still work well though. And like any Camera you will need to pay for Video Surveillance service.

Because of its major downsides, the ADC-V720 only receives 4 Stars.

Good: Compact Design, PoE, Video Compression Adjustments

Bad: No WIFI, 720P, Discontinued, Requires ADC Video Monitoring

Bottom Line: 4 Stars

Qolsys IQ Smoke - Photoelectric Smoke Detector for the Qolsys IQ Panels

Wonderful Smoke Detector!
Submitted on 05/14/2020 Alarm Grid

The Qolsys IQ Smoke is a wireless smoke, heat, and low-temperature sensor that operates at 319.5 MHz. The sensor will alert the system upon detecting smoke, high heat in excess of 135 degrees Fahrenheit, or low temperatures below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The Qolsys IQ Smoke is widely used with 319.5 MHz Qolsys Systems, but it is also compatible with Interlogix Simon Series Panels and wired Interlogix and GE Systems with an added 319.5 MHz receiver. Overall, this is a very reliable life-safety sensor, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many things we like about the Qolsys IQ Smoke. Packing smoke, heat, and freeze detection into one compact sensor is very nice of Qolsys, and you only need to set it up with one zone. The device has its own built-in sounder, as well as an LED light and a test button. The device is easy to test, clean, and maintain, making it a great choice for a DIY user. We also appreciate the fact that the Qolsys IQ Smoke has a long lifespan, making it a long-term solution for fire protection. All of the needed mounting hardware is included, as well as an initial set of three (3) AAA batteries.

There are some downsides regarding the Qolsys IQ Smoke that should be considered. There is no way to turn OFF or disable any of the functions, which has presented difficulties for some users. For example, mounting the Qolsys IQ Smoke in a non-insulated garage can result in false alarms when the temperature drops below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The Qolsys IQ Smoke communicates with the panel at a non-encrypted 319.5 MHz signal. While this isn't a huge deal for a non-security sensor, some users might feel more comfortable getting encrypted smoke and heat detectors for their systems. You will need to replace the batteries periodically.

All things considered, the Qolsys IQ Smoke has many positive attributes. The downsides should be taken into careful consideration based upon your needs, but we still reward the Qolsys IQ Smoke with a 5 Star score.

Good: Three Detection Functions, Integrated Sounder, LED Light, Test Button, Easy to Clean & Maintain, Mounting Hardware Included

Bad: Cannot Disable Functions, Not Encrypted, Batteries Must Be Replaced Periodically

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

DSC HS2LCDWFDMK - Desk Mount for NEO Keypad

Awesome Desk Mount
Submitted on 05/14/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC HS2LCDWFDMK is a desk mount used with various keypads for a DSC PowerSeries NEO Security System. As the NEO is a hardwired panel, it requires an external keypad for basic operation and control. While such keypads are traditionally wall-mounted, the DSC HS2LCDWFDMK allows users to neatly place their keypad on a table, counter, or desk. This is typically preferred to laying the keypad flat. The desk mount will position it upright and make it easier to access. The DSC HS2LCDWFDMK has a great build quality, and it works with a variety of different PowerSeries NEO Systems. For that reason, we give the DSC HS2LCDWFDMK a 5 Star rating.

There are many things we appreciate about the DSC HS2LCDWFDMK. For one, the desk mount prevents the need for mounting the keypad to the wall. This can be very useful if you don't want to drill holes in the wall or if you do not have space for a keypad. The desk mount is also great for DIYers who may have trouble or difficulty mounting their own keypad. As stated earlier, the DSC HS2LCDWFDMK has an excellent build quality, and being compatible with many types of NEO Keypads makes it very versatile.

There are not many downsides to the DSC HS2LCDWFDMK. The biggest is that the desk mount if only built for certain DSC PowerSeries NEO Keypads. If you do not have a DSC PowerSeries NEO System, then you will most likely have no use for the DSC HS2LCDWFDMK. It is also a fairly expensive desk mount, as it is listed at $22 as of May 2020. But these drawbacks are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from rewarding the DSC HS2LCDWFDMK a perfect 5 Star score.

Good: Prevents Wall Mounting, Great for DIYers, Excellent Build Quality, Versatile

Bad: Only for NEO Keypads, Somewhat Expensive

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Yale YRD220 - Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock

Nice Touchscreen Lock!
Submitted on 05/14/2020 Alarm Grid

The Yale YRD220 is a Z-Wave Plus touchscreen lock that provides protection and security for a home or business. The lock has a sleek design that fits in nicely with any modern decor, and it certainly provides the aesthetic touch that many users are looking for. Installing the YRD220 and enrolling it with a Z-Wave hub is a great way to make your life more convenient, as you can control the lock remotely using an app like Total Connect 2.0 or As a Z-Wave Plus device, the Yale YRD220 is both versatile and reliable. This makes it a great addition to nearly any smart home. We give the Yale YRD220 a 5 Star rating.

There are many things we like about the Yale YRD220. It is a Z-Wave Plus lock, which gives it improved range and battery life when paired with a certified Z-Wave Plus controller. The lock works with nearly any Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus controller, making it very versatile. We are big fans of the acrylic touchscreen, which provides the lock with a sleek look that is sure to impress. The lock does a great job of keeping the building secured. And we really appreciate the different finishing options so that users can add a nice personal touch.

The biggest downside to the Yale YRD220 is that it has been discontinued, so you are unlikely to find a new model anywhere. But if you find a used model, then it should still work just fine. Also, there is the matter that the lock will need to be physically installed. This is the case for any door lock, so keep that in mind. The installation is fairly easy for a DIYer, though you will need some tools. Overall, these downsides a very minor, and they do not stop the YRD220 from earning 5 Stars.

Good: Z-Wave Plus, Versatile, Touchscreen, Sleek Appearance, Secure, Finishing Options

Bad: Discontinued, Must Be Installed

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

DSC WS4939 - Wireless 433 Mhz 4-Button Wireless Key

Wonderful Key Fob!
Submitted on 05/13/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC WS4939 is a wireless 433 MHz key fob that is used with systems like the DSC Impassa, the DSC PowerSeries Systems with added wireless receiver, and the 433 MHz IQ Panel 2 Plus. It has four (4) buttons that you can use to control your security system. We think this is a phenomenal 4-button key fob, and we recommend it from the bottom of our hearts for anyone with a 433 MHz system. Therefore, we give it 5 Stars. Your life will be better after purchasing this key fob.

There are so many things we love about the DSC WS4939. It is durable and scratch-resistant to ensure long-lasting happiness. It is compact and convenient. You will likely take it with you in your travels and feel pleased when you return to your home and can quickly disarm your security system. Options for carrying the key fob include its packaged multifunction belt clip or attaching it to a key ring or lanyard. The key fob prevents false alarms, as you need to hold a button down for at least three (3) seconds in order for it to activate. The four (4) distinct buttons on the key fob are for arming stay, arming away, disarming, and triggering a system panic.

The downsides for the DSC WS4939 are relatively minor. The battery it uses is kind of unusual. You don't usually come across many CR2025 coin batteries. Why DSC couldn't use the less obscure CR2032 is a mystery to us all. The key fob also works with a limited number of security systems, as you don't really come across the 433 MHz frequency too often. But despite these drawbacks, we still reward the DSC WS4939 with a 5 Star rating. Hooray.

Good: Durable, Scratch-Resistant, Compact, Convenient, Multiple Carrying Options, False Alarm Prevention

Bad: CR2025 Battery, 433 MHz isn't Super Common

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

DSC FSA-410 - 4-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Great Smoke Detector!
Submitted on 05/13/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC FSA-410 is a 4-wire smoke detector that works with nearly any system that supports 4-wire smoke detects. As is the case with nearly any 4-wire smoke detector, you will need a relay and some other equipment to use the DSC FSA-410. The product has been discontinued, so you will be unlikely to find a new model anywhere. But should you come across a used model somewhere, it should work just fine. We think the DSC FS-410 is a great product, and we reward it graciously with a 5 Star rating.

There are many positive things we can say about the DSC FSA-410 Smoke Detector. It works with nearly any system that supports 4-wire smoke detectors. You have many options in choosing a zone for the device, as 4-wire smoke detectors can really be used at any hardwired zone, provided that they are configured properly. There is a test button on the DSC FSA-410, which allows you to easily test the device. It also alerts the system and triggers a trouble condition if too much dust gathers in the device. What an exciting feature! And we appreciate the fact that the removable smoke chamber is easily accessed.

But be forewarned, as there are some downsides to the DSC FSA-410 that you should take into consideration. As we mentioned earlier, you will need all sorts of different equipment to properly configure a 4-wire smoke detector with your system. That is why many users will just use 2-wire smoke detectors at an appropriate zone. There is also the fact that you will need to physically install the sensor in order for it to work. But these downsides are minor, and they do not stop us from giving the DSC FSA-410 a 5 Star score.

Good: Versatile, Works at Any Wired Zone, Test Button, Dust Trouble alert, Removable Smoke Chamber

Bad: 4-Wire Smokes Requires Added Equipment, Must be Physically Installed

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Honeywell DT8050A - Dual Tec Motion Sensor w/ Anti-Mask

Great Dual-Tech Motion
Submitted on 05/13/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell DT8050A is a dual-tech motion sensor that features anti-masking to prevent others from disabling the sensor. It offers a wide coverage area of 72 feet by 53 feet, and it uses PIR and microwave technology to detect movement. Both the PIR and microwave sensors must be triggered for the device to activate. The wired sensor must connect with either a wired panel or a hardwired to wireless converter in order to be used. Overall, we think the Honeywell DT8050A is an excellent sensor, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many aspects we appreciate about the Honeywell DT8050A. For one, using both microwave and PIR technology helps prevent false alarms. Even if one sensor is activated, no alarm will occur unless the other is activated. This ensures a reliable response during true motion events, while preventing any false alarms from occurring. We also like the large coverage area of the DT8050A. And the anti-masking is a great feature, as it alerts the system if someone applies a substance to the detection lens that could otherwise prevent the sensor from working properly. The DT8050A also features a bug guard to keep out any unwanted insects. And the fact that you can adjust the sensitivity for both the microwave and PIR sensors is a nice touch. And it has an LED light for walk testing and troubleshooting.

There are not many downsides for the Honeywell DT8050A. The sensor must be physically connected with the panel or a wired to wireless converter, and it will draw a small amount of power, so keep that in mind. But really the Honeywell DT8050 is great for anyone who needs a hardwired dual-tech motion sensors. It earns 5 Stars.

Good: Dual-Tech, Prevents False Alarms, Reliable, Anti-Masking, Bug Guard, Sensitivity Adjustments, LED Light

Bad: Must be Wired, Draws Power

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Honeywell PAL-T - Surface Mount Door Contact and Window Contact

Excellent Door/Window Sensor
Submitted on 05/13/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell PAL-T is a hardwired surface-mount door and window sensor. This sensor will let a system know when a door or window has been opened. It is an extremely popular door and window sensor due to its compact size and ease of use. Nearly anyone needing a hardwired door and window sensor can make use of the Honeywell PAL-T. It is a fantastic sensor, and we can wholeheartedly recommend it. Therefore, we give the Honeywell PAL-T a 5 Star rating.

There are many things we like about the Honeywell PAL-T. For one, it is extremely compact, meaning you can fit it into a variety of tight spaces and areas. This also makes it less noticeable when installed. The Honeywell PAL-T has an easy-open cover that makes it easy to access the wire terminals. The surface-mount contact is extremely easy to install, thereby making it a great option for both professionals and DIYers alike. We love the extra wide magnet spacing gap of 1.125 inches, which is a little more than twice the magnet spacing gap for a typical door and window sensor. The sensor can be mounted with screws or with double-sided foam tape. This gives the user great flexibility in choosing a location for the sensor. It conveniently uses a 2-wire connection, with six (6) wire entry points.

We do not have many downsides for the Honeywell PAL-T. One small issue is that this is a Form A device, meaning that you must use Normally Closed (NC) wiring. You cannot use Normally Open (NO) wiring with the Honeywell PAL-T. And as a surface-mount sensor, it will be visible from the outside. But these minor downsides do not stop us from giving the Honeywell PAL-T a 5 Star rating.

Good: Compact, Easy Access Cover, Simple Installation. Wide Magnet Spacing, Different Mounting Options, 6 Wire Entry Points

Bad: Form A, Visible from Outside

Bottom Line: 5 Stars