DSC WS4920 - 1-Way 433 MHz Wireless Repeater

Great Repeater!
Submitted on 05/13/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC WS4920 is a wireless repeater for 433 MHz wireless sensors that are frequently used with the DSC Impassa, the DSC PoweSeries Panels with added wireless receiver, and the 433 MHz Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. The repeater allows for up to 164 different 433 MHz signals to be repeated. But you cannot repeat a single signal multiple times. The DSC WS4920 is excellent for overcoming range issues. Overall, we think the DSC WS4920 is a great product, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many things to like about the DSC WS4920. For one, it can effectively double the wireless signal range of compatible sensors. You can also program the DSC WS4920 to a 433 MHz panel for supervision purposes. The module also includes a tamper switch so that the system can be alerted if anyone tries to open up or disable the repeater. You can use a backup battery to keep the DSC WS4920 powered on in the event of an electrical outage. A transformer comes included with the DSC WS4920.

But there are some downsides to the DSC WS4920 that should also be considered. One downside is that you can only repeat a wireless signal once using this device. You can technically have two different DSC WS4920 repeaters going in opposite directions from the panel, but you cannot repeat signals multiple times. Also, you will need to supply your own wiring to connect the transformer. The Honeywell LT-Cable works great for this purpose.And while the backup battery keeps the device powered on during electrical outages, you should keep in mind that you will need to replace the battery periodically. But these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from giving the DSC WS4920 a 5 Star rating.

Good: Doubles 433 MHz Range, RF Supervision, Tamper Switch, Supports Backup Battery, Transformer Included

Bad: Can Only Repeat Signal Once, Supply Own Wiring, Battery Must be Replaced Every Few Years

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Honeywell 470-12 - Wired Flood Detection Module

Great Flood Detector
Submitted on 05/13/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 470-12 is a hardwired flood sensor that requires an external probe to detect liquid. One probe, specifically a Honeywell 470PB is already included with this device. But you can also connect a second probe to the unit to provide an additional method for flood detection. Both the Honeywell 470PB and the Honeywell FP280 can be used nicely as well. We have found that the Honeywell 470-12 Flood Sensor and Probe works nicely, and we can recommend it for you use in your home or business. We give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many things we like about the Honeywell 470-12. For one, a flood probe is already included, so you don't need any additional hardware to get started. The device allows for a long wire run between the sensor and the attached probe, which can be convenient when setting up. The device can reliably detect water when outfitted with a probe, which makes it useful for monitoring for floods or leaks. It has a great build-quality, as it is a Honeywell product. You can expect the Honeywell 470-12 to last a long time.

But there are some downsides to the Honeywell 470-12 that should be considered as well. For one, it draws a small amount of power from the panel, so you will need to take that into the load calculation. Fortunately, it is not a large amount of power. You must add a second probe if you need one, as only one probe is included with the device. But really, these downsides are relatively minor when all things are considered. Therefore, we give the Honeywell 470-12 Flood Sensor a 5 Star rating.

Good: Probe Included, Log Wire Run to Probe, Reliably Detects Water, Great Build Quality

Bad: Draws Power from Panel, No 2nd Probe Included

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Honeywell GSMV4G-TC2 - AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 Upgrade Kit

Upgrade to LTE Instead!
Submitted on 05/13/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell GSMV4G-TC2 is a discontinued AlarmNet Communicator and upgrade kit that was sold by Alarm Grid. It included a Honeywell GSMV4G Communicator and the latest PROM Chip upgrades for VISTA-15P and VISTA-20P. If you have this communicator activated for monitoring service already, then it will continue to work until AT&T shuts down the associated network. That is expected to occur sometime in 2022. Once that happens, you will no longer be able to use the communicator for monitoring service. You must upgrade to an LTE communicator if you want to continue receiving cellular alarm monitoring. As such, this communicator upgrade kit has been discontinued. While this communicator was once top-of-the-line we can no longer recommend using it. As such, we only give it 4 Stars, and we recommend upgrading ASAP if you have one still in use.

There were some great aspects regarding the Honeywell GSV4G-TC2. It can still be used for monitoring until the associated cellular network is shut down, provided that the communicator has already been activated. The communicator allowed for use with Total Connect 2.0, which is a super convenient platform. The appropriate PROM chip upgrades are also included, so you can upgrade your VISTA, as long as it is at least version 2.0. Remember that firmware 9.12 or higher is needed to support TC2. This communicator upgrade will make that possible.

But the downsides of the Honeywell GSV4G-TC2 cannot be ignored. The kit has been discontinued, and the communicator can no longer be activated for monitoring service. We recommend getting an LTE communicator like the LTE-IV or LTE-IA instead, as those can be activated for monitoring. Alarm Grid sells the appropriate update for those LTE communicators as well. Since we can no longer recommend the GSMV4G-TC2, we give it a 4 Star rating.

Good: Reliable Cellular Monitoring, TC2, PROM Chip Upgrades

Bad: Discontinued, Cellular Network Being Shut Down

Bottom Line: 4 Stars

Honeywell 5816MN - Wireless Mini Door Sensor and Window Sensor

Good, But Discontinued!
Submitted on 05/13/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5816MN is a miniature version of a Honeywell 5816 Door and Window Contact Sensor. It retains all of the useful features of the regular 5816, but it is in a more compact size that end users are sure to appreciate. But the sensor has been discontinued, so you will be hard-pressed to find it new. However, Alarm Grid still recommends this sensor if you happen to find a used model somewhere. It will serve you well whenever you open or close your door or window. Therefore, we reward the Honeywell 5800MN with a 5 Star rating, which is the best rating we can give a product.

There is so much to like about the Honeywell 5800MN. It is very small and compact, which will prevent house guests from remarking, "Hey, what is that on your door or window?" It has two (2) programmable loops. The first loop, also known as Loop 1, allows you to connect an external hardwired contact sensor and allow it to communicate with your security system wirelessly. Loop 2 is how you will want to program the 5800MN if you are using it as a contact sensor with its included magnet. Also, the 200 foot nominal range of the 5816 has been retained. And you will enjoy fantastic features like low-battery monitoring, tamper alerts, and RF supervision.

But there are some downsides to the 5800MN that you should consider. The sensor is discontinued, so you will be unlikely to find a new one. But should you come across a used model, it will probably work great. We must admit though, that the 5800MN has a rather dated design. And you will need to replace the CR123A battery periodically. Nonetheless, we like this sensor, and it gets 5 Stars.

Good: Small & Compact, Use as Wireless Transmitter for Wired Contact, 200-Foot Nominal Range, Lots of Features

Bad: Discontinued, Dated Design, Battery Must be Replaced

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

2GIG RPTR1-345 - Wireless Repeater

Astounding Repeater!
Submitted on 05/13/2020 Alarm Grid

The 2GIG RPTR1-345 is a wireless repeater designed for use with 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors and Honeywell 5800 Sensors. Using this repeater can effectively double the signal range for a compatible wireless sensor. However, the repeater has some restrictions in how it can be used. And while it comes with a plug-in transformer, it does not have a cable for connecting the transformer. But it does include a backup battery for providing a backup power source. Overall, we think the 2GIG RPTR1-345 is a great product, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many aspects we appreciate about regarding the 2GIG RPTR1-345. For one, it can double the range of compatible wireless sensors when positioned appropriately. The 2GIG RPTR1-345 works quite reliably and it is easy for DIY users to set up. We also like the fact that it has LED lights to assist with using the device. The repeater is versatile in the fact that it is used with both Honeywell 5800 Sensors and 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors.

But there are also some downsides to the 2GIG RPTR1-345 that should be considered. Although a plug-in transformer is included, no wiring is provided, so you will need to supply your own. Although the 2GIG RPTR1-345 works with most Honeywell 5800 Sensors, it does not work with those that use two-way communication. Therefore, you cannot use the 2GIG RPTR1-345 with devices like the Honeywell 5828 Keypad and the Honeywell 580WAVE Siren. Also, you cannot repeat a signal more than once, so don't expect using multiple 2GIG RPTR1-345 devices to repeat signals over and over. But you can have two 2GIG RPTR1-345 modules in different directions from the main panel to repeat signals incoming from different sides. Lastly, the RPTR1-345 cannot be used with 2GIG encrypted sensors.

Alarm Grid highly recommends the 2GIG RPTR1-345. It gets 5 Stars.

Good: Doubles Range, Easy to Install, LED Lights, Versatile

Bad: No Wiring, Not for 2-Way 5800 Sensors, Cannot Repeat Signals More than Once

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

DSC WS4959 - 433Mhz Wireless 5-Button, 12 Channel Key Fob

Handy Key Fob
Submitted on 05/08/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC WS4959 Key Fob is a 433 MHz key fob for various 433 MHz security systems. Compatible systems include the DSC Impassa, the DSC PowerSeries Systems with an added wireless receiver, and the 433 MHz Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. The key fob allows a user to control their security system or trigger an emergency panic from anywhere within range. The key fob is also fairly unique in that it offers a 5th button for toggling between different modes. This allows for up to 12 inputs from one single key fob. We really like the DSC WS4959, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many positive aspects regarding the DSC WS4959. For one, its 5th center button is pretty nifty, as it allows a user to toggle between three different modes. The actual commands are performed by pressing any of the surrounding four buttons. This means that up to 12 different functions can be performed using this one key fob device. We also like the LED light, which is useful for determining whether or not a command was sent out. You can also use the light to determine if the battery needs to be replaced.

There are some downsides to the DSC WS4959. The key fob uses a battery, and that battery will need to be replaced every few years. Making matters worse is that this is a CR2025, which can be easily confused with a CR2032. Make sure you get the correct type of coin battery. Also, while the 5th button function is neat, it may be difficult for some users to figure out. But these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop the DSC WS4959 from earning a 5 Star rating.

Good: 12 Different Functions, LED Light

Bad: CR2025 Battery, 5th Button Function Can Be Confusing

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Honeywell 5811PK10 - Ten Slim Door/Window Contacts for LYNX Systems

Great Sensor Pack!
Submitted on 05/08/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5811PK10 is a ten (10) sensor pack of Honeywell 5811 Door and window Sensors. These sensors are smaller than their 5816 counterparts, while still retaining most of the features. The product has been discontinued by Alarm Grid, as the Honeywell 5811 is no longer readily available. However, the sensors will still work great if you happen to have any around. We are big fans of the Honeywell 5811, and we like the 10-pack if you really need a large number of these sensors. As a result, we give the Honeywell 5811PK10 a 5 Star rating.

There are many things to like about the Honeywell 5811PK10 and its Honeywell 5811 Sensors. The 5811 is a thin sensor, with just a quarter-inch profile. The makes it almost vanish when placed on a white background. The sensor has a roughly 200 foot range, which makes it suitable for most homes. Keep in mind though that large metal objects and other obstacles can reduce range. We also like the fact that the sensor is easy to program and install. This makes it a good option for DIY users. The sensor is compatible with nearly all 345 MHz security systems.

However, there are some downsides regarding the Honeywell 5811PK10. For one, it is discontinued, so you will be unlikely to find a new pack anywhere. The 5811 has been replaced by the Honeywell 5800MINI, which is an even smaller sensor. Like any wireless sensor, the Honeywell 5811 relies on a battery, and the battery must be replaced about every four (4) years. The sensor uses a CR2032 coin battery, and that could mean a trip to the pharmacy to pick one up if you are not prepared.

Overall, we really like the Honeywell 5811PK10, and it gets 5 Stars.

Good: Thin Profile, 200 Foot Range, Easy to Program & Install, Compatible w/ Many Systems

Bad: Discontinued, Smaller Sensors Available, Battery Must be Replaced Every Four Years

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Honeywell IS25100TC - Long Range PIR Motion Detector

Great Long-Range Motion!
Submitted on 05/08/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell IS25100TC is a long-range motion detection sensor. It uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect movement. It is a hardwired sensor that must be connected with the panel, a wired expansion module, or a wired to wireless converter. What makes this motion sensor unique is that it detects movement across a very long and narrow area. Its coverage area is measured as 100 feet by 20 feet. This makes it ideal for long hallways, corridors, and other long and narrow areas. Overall, we think this is a very good product, and we give a 5 Star rating.

There are many things to like about the Honeywell IS25100TC. For one, it detects movement across a very long and narrow area, making it suitable for areas with similar dimensions. The sensor has an LED light that is useful for walk testing and performing any necessary troubleshooting. The sensor has settings that are easily configured by adjusting its DIP switches. As a Honeywell product, it is of high quality, and it should last for a very, very long time.

But there are some downsides to the Honeywell IS25100TC that should also be considered. As a motion sensor, it must draw some power from the panel, though this amount is very small. But we have seen a sensor push some users over the appropriate load limits for their panels. While the IS25100TC is generally used as a commercial sensor, it cannot be used with a polling loop panel. This means that it can only be used with wire runs that are somewhat limited in length. In most situations, this won't be a big issue, but it may come into play if you are trying to use the sensor with a long wire run from the panel. The sensor also lacks anti-masking, which would have been a nice addition.

The Honeywell IS25100TC is recommended by Alarm Grid for anyone needing a wired long-range motion sensor for a non-polling loop panel. It gets 5 Stars.

Good: Long & Narrow Coverage Area, LED Light, DIP Switch Settings, Great Build Quality

Bad: Draws Some Power From Panel, Not for Polling Loop Panels, Lacks Anti-Masking

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Honeywell 5834-4EN - Wireless Enhanced 4 Button Security Key Fob

Buy a Regular 5834-4 Instead!
Submitted on 05/08/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5834-4EN is the exact same key fob as the Honeywell 5834-4, only with an added plastic silver plating. The silver plating is purely for aesthetic purposes, and the key fob is absolutely no different from a standard 5834-4. If you buy a Honeywell 5834-4EN, then you are just spending extra money for the plastic silver plating. And it's not like this is a small difference in price. You will typically find the Honeywell 5834-4EN listed at twice the price of the Honeywell 5834-4. We personally don't recommend spending the extra money in this case. However, the Honeywell 5834-4EN is still a perfectly functional key fob that makes a great addition to any compatible system. We give it 5 Stars for its quality and performance, but we don't recommend buying it.

There are many things to like about the Honeywell 5834-4EN. For one, it allows for both standard security and high security modes. Just keep in mind that the key fob can only work in high security mode when used with the Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels. All other compatible panels can only support low security mode. The buttons on the key fob are easily identifiable and easy to press. An LED light confirms that an input has been made. You can also program various dual-button inputs. This allows for up to eight (8) programmable inputs per Honeywell 5834-4EN Key Fob.

As we already mentioned, the biggest drawback of the Honeywell 5834-4EN is that it is just a glorified Honeywell 5834-4 at double the price. The fact that most security systems do not support high security mode is also a negative. Really, if you are considering this key fob, just get the standard Honeywell 5834-4. But if you already have a Honeywell 5834-4EN, then at least you have a quality product. The Honeywell 5834-4EN gets 5 Stars for its overall performance.

Good: Standard & High Security Modes, Easily Identifiable Buttons, Easy to Press Buttons, Dual-Button Inputs

Bad: Just a 5834-4 With an Added Silver Plating, High Security for LYNX Touch Only

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Qolsys IQ Battery - IQ Panel Replacement Battery

Nice Replacement Battery!
Submitted on 05/07/2020 Alarm Grid

The Qolsys IQ Battery is the replacement battery for the original Qolsys IQ Panel Security System. Like most backup batteries, the Qolsys IQ Battery is designed to keep the system temporarily running in the event that AC power is lost. This can be due to the transformer becoming unplugged or disconnected or because of a general electrical outage. The Qolsys IQ Battery should not be confused with the backup battery for the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 or IQ Panel 2 Plus, as that is a completely different part number. Overall, we really like the Qolsys IQ Battery, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many positive aspects regarding the Qolsys IQ Battery. For one, it keeps the system running for up to 24 hours at a time. This is pretty long for a panel backup battery. We also appreciate the fact that the battery has an easy connector for connecting with the panel. You will still need to access the inner panel board, but the process is fairly easy. The battery is rechargeable and will slowly store a charge over time. This is what allows the battery to function properly.

There are not many downsides for the Qolsys IQ Battery. Since the original IQ Panel is not frequently used, not many people will really have a need for the IQ Battery. Remember, this battery cannot be used with an IQ Panel 2 or IQ Panel 2 Plus. Also, like any rechargeable battery, the IQ Battery will lose its ability to store a charge over time. Once that happens, the battery will need to be replaced. Also consider that the battery must installed inside the panel. You will most likely need a screwdriver to access the inside of the panel and complete this process.

We think the Qolsys IQ Battery is a great product if you need a new battery for an original Qolsys IQ Panel. We give it 5 Stars.

Good: Up to 24 Hours of Power, Easy Connector, Rechargeable,

Bad: IQ Panel is Uncommon, Not for IQ2 or IQ2+, Will Eventually Require Replacement, Must be Installed

Bottom Line: 5 Stars