Honeywell l5100pk consists of 1 l5100 3 5816s 1 5800pir res 1 5834 4 a lynxrchkit sc battery and a transformer

Honeywell L5100PK - L5100 LYNX Touch Wireless Security System

Great all around system
Submitted on 10/03/2012 Ben

Installation was super easy. Instructions are for the majority straight forward and it's pretty user friendly. L5100PK suits my needs. Highly recommended as a low-cost alarm system.

Honeywell tuxedo touch talking color graphic touchscreen alarm keypad

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch - Talking Color Graphic Wired Touchscreen Alarm Keypad

Not Recommend Due to Honeywell Issue
Submitted on 10/01/2012 Joe65

I have two Tuxedo Touch units installed this past March. Both are hard wired via Ethernet to my router and both worked flawlessly for about four months. Then I started noticing on both units the weather display function was erratic working sometimes and others showing “connection error” in the display. The other internet functions work ok. After two weeks of erratic operation, the weather function stopped working entirely. I contacted my alarm provider tech support and was told that Honeywell is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. So I waited. It’s now been 45 days since the weather function ceased working and Honeywell will not provide a date when they expect to have the problem resolved. I was told the problem is with Honeywell and there is nothing I can do. Now my tech support has gone silent on the issue. This unit is not recommended until Honeywell restores the weather display function.

Honeywell lt cable lynx touch power supply cable from above

Honeywell LT-CABLE - Universal Security System Power Supply Cable

Lynx 5100 & Power Supply Cable
Submitted on 09/19/2012 Eddie

i ordered the 5100 for myself as soon as it was available,read the instructions;did the wiring & all the other stuff --- LOVE THIS SYSTEM--- some family,friends & neighbors like it too. Have been asked to give advice for home security system. My answer is Lynx 5100 & "Honeywell LT-CABLE - LYNX Touch Power Supply Cable" Helped install one with a friend --- SIMPLE FAST EASY

Honeywell 5811 wireless wafer thin door and window sensor

Honeywell 5811 - Wireless Thin Door Sensor and Window Sensor

Hands down best door sensor Honeywell offers!
Submitted on 09/17/2012 Pete

Man Honeywell finally got it right with the 5811. I've never liked how the 5816s are so boxy so I've tried almost all of the smaller sensors. Problem is those sensors dont have the same wirelss range as the 5816. It's been a struggle to decide between a sensor that looks better or one that loses its connection from time to time. Now that they have the 5811, I swapped all my sensors out to these super thin sensors and I never have wireless range issues!

Honeywell 5816 wireless door window sensor

Honeywell 5816 - Wireless Door Sensor and Window Sensor

I have these on all my doors.
Submitted on 09/17/2012 Steve

I used the 5816 contacts on every door leading into my house. I have a front door, garage side door, 2 sets of french doors in the back and a set of french doors in me and my wife's room. Alarm Grid had me put the contact on one french door and the magnet on the other door so I only needed to use 1 5816 for each set so that was cool too. Of course, now i see the 5811s and those look even better. Should I spend the money to switch??

Honeywell vista gsm alarmnet vista 21ip cellular alarm monitoring communicator

Honeywell VISTA-GSM - AlarmNet VISTA-21iP Cellular Alarm Monitoring Communicator

Great add to a Vista-21iP...
Submitted on 09/16/2012 James C.

I got the V12ip because it had the built in internet communicator but I shoulda got the backup cellular communicator right away like Alarm Grid sales guy recommended. Instead I dealt with annoying Comm Fails for 2 weeks before I came back to get this. Now I still get Comm Fails when my internet goes down but I know my alarm is still online and my Total Connect account always connects.

Honeywell gsmvlp5 4g alarmnet lynx touch l5100 total connect cellular alarm monitoring communicator

Honeywell GSMVLP5-4G - AlarmNet LYNX Touch Cellular Alarm Monitoring Communicator

Total Connect Home Automation Control!
Submitted on 09/16/2012 Nick Dodd

I got this to go along with my Lynx Touch and now I can control my house from my phone. It's awesome. I turn the lights on when I'm leaving work so when my wife doesn't have to come home to a dark house and I unlock my side door for my cleaning lady every other Monday at 10AM. Literally take a few taps on my iPhone. I'd recommend the GSMVLP5-4G to anyone that has a Lynx Touch system.

Honeywell l3000pk lynx plus wireless security system

Honeywell L3000PK - LYNX Plus Wireless Security System

Don't need all the bells and whistles.
Submitted on 09/14/2012 Harvey Bixter

I looked at the lyxn touch and talked to Sterling about the difference btwn the l300 and the l5100 but i really dont care ab the home automation or the touchscreen so i went with the l300 since it was alot less $$. I knew i wanted Honeywell since they seemed to be the best brand after looking around the interwebs and this kit lived up to the name. Some people would prob really like the touch but i dont need it.

Honeywell l5100pk 4g 5811 l5100 lynx touch cellular wireless security system with 5811 window and door sensors

Honeywell L5100PK-4G - L5100 LYNX Touch Cellular Wireless Security System

Great kit!
Submitted on 09/14/2012 Mark Palmer

After tons of research and many helpful calls to Alarm Grid with endless questions (sorry!) I finally chose this kit to build my security system. I added some extra wireless transmitters for all my doors and windows but this had everything else I needed. Love the cellular communicator because I can use Total Connect on my iPhone to check on my alarm system while I'm at work. This kit is also less expensive than buying the L5100PK and the cell communicator separately so that was a nice added bonus. Would recommend to anyone looking for wireless system that can do it all!

Honeywell l5100 wifi alarmnet lynx touch l5100 security system wifi alarm monitoring communicator

Honeywell L5100-WIFI - AlarmNet LYNX Touch WiFi Alarm Monitoring Communicator

Does what it says it'll do
Submitted on 09/12/2012 Marcus

Got the communicator to enable WIFI on my L5100 panel. I'm not very handy, but I got it installed pretty quick. I had to call Alarm Grid one time to ask a question about how to get install it, and they were happy to help. Got it up after within 10 minutes of getting it in the mail. It does what it says it'll do and it's worked ever since I got it into the panel.