Honeywell Tuxedo Touch at ISC West 2012

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch at ISC West 2012

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This video was made by Honeywell and proudly distributed by Alarm Grid Security monitoring and accessories Alarm Grid is a home security company focused on the experience of the customer. We offer no contract alarm monitoring that allows you more choices without sacrificing the quality of your monitoring. We are here to help you protect your life's most important assets without the hassle of being caught in a contract with no way out.


Hi, I'm Rob Marabella, Product Manager for Honeywell Security I have an exciting new product to talk to you about today called our Tuxedo Touch Line. As you can see here, it's a beautiful 7" inch touch screen. Nice, large icons, easy to navigate, easy for end-users, and easy for installers to train their end-users on the system, especially when I talk about some more of the advanced functions in a few minutes, why the user interface is very important.

This is the same four-wire ECP connection that you'd have for any security keypad, which makes it ideal for retrofit applications, but now let's talk about some of the juicy stuff with the Tuxedo. There are three areas I like to talk about. First is we made it a Z-Wave controller built-in, so what does that mean? No modules to buy, no extra wires to run, Z-Wave technology talks to now, a lot of other devices in your home, adding that lifestyle appeal on top of life safety.

As end-users are getting more and more into home automation lifestyle control, it gives the security dealer a lot more opportunity to go reach new prospects in the security market. For example, this is a Z-Wave lock, this is a Z-Wave thermostat, and here, as you can see lit up these are Z- Wave lights. All of these devices can function with the Tuxedo Touch, and I'll show you real quickly, from the main screen here, which is all Z-Wave devices, I can toggle these lights on and off very easily, right from here. Very minor programming, no wiring, no extra modules to buy, you get it all that home control options.

The second thing I like to talk about is this has IP camera capability, so now you can view right on this keypad here a camera image, which is perfect for your son or daughter before they open that front door, they can know who's there at their front door before they're compromised. This is a big upsell feature for dealers, not just locally doing the camera capability here, as you can see on the screen, but also doing now the camera, remotely through our Total Connect Services.

The third thing I want to talk about is this has a built-in web server. What that means is this gives you the ability now through the local area network, this device is connected to the internet. This address right here is your local area network address. You can put that into any Wi-Fi enabled device, your smartphone, your iPad, your Blackberry and you can then control locally, as long as you're within Wi-Fi range of that Tuxedo.

You control any of those devices in your system, plus your security system through that device. Why is it important, because the device that I am talking about, the iPad or the iPhone has been woven into end-users' everyday life, so if we can make this system work with those type of devices, it's a perfect fit for those types of customers.

Some other quick features I want to talk about here are we have an SD card
slot in the side here, which is great for dealers' purposes. You press this
button in the middle, all of the icons move down, you get about 80% of this
beautiful 7" color touch screen, you can put your dealer logo, you can put
your dealer information, a contact number. The option is yours, but there's
some value there from the dealers' perspective, for brand awareness and
customer service ability.

The second piece with the SD card is you can use it as a digital picture frame, so an end-user can put still photos on it. They can put video clips of their last family vacation, or their son playing at football practice last week, and can loop it there. From an end-users' perspective, when they look at security they are saying with security only, they get about five or ten minutes of value a day.

But all these other types of home automation features, you know the home control, the lifestyle management, the SD card for digital picture frame, these bring all new features that are valuable add-ons that you can sell this beautiful Tuxedo Home Controller to.

Last but not least, this doesn't have to be tied to security, so if you have a customer who doesn't really want security, doesn't want the value of security, you can use this Tuxedo Touch as a standalone home controller, to control any of these Z-Wave devices. You can do a camera, whether it's local or remote camera system, or you can use the web server to use that local chain of those devices. For more information on Tuxedo Touch, please visit Honeywell's website and type in www.tuxedotouch. It's in the product category and the product page will come up.