How Do I Send a Cell Test for a 2GIG Edge?

You can send a Cell Test for a 2GIG Edge by clicking the gear icon on the main screen, entering the system's Installer Code (default 1561), choosing Installer Toolbox, then System Tests, then Cell Radio Test & Status, and then Test Cell Radio in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

A Cell Test is normally performed as part of activating the 2GIG Edge System with the platform for alarm monitoring service. Completing the Cell Test is usually a required part of activating the system for alarm monitoring. Normally, your monitoring provider will walk you through the process, but it may still be a good idea to do it on your own. You may also perform a Cell Test any time after the panel has been activated, just to make sure that it's internal cellular communicator is working properly. Inside each 2GIG Edge Panel is an AT&T LTE or Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator. This communicator cannot be replaced, and a damaged cellular communicator usually means that you will need to replace the entire panel. If you find that your 2GIG Edge is unable to pass its Cell Test, then you should reach out to your monitoring provider for further assistance. Alarm Grid customers can email our support team at Remember that our regular hours of support are from 9am to 8pm ET M-F.

Complete the following steps to perform a Cell Test on a 2GIG Edge:

1. Activate for monitoring service. You can technically attempt a Cell Test even if your 2GIG Edge is not activated for alarm monitoring service. However, the test will always fail when the system is not yet activated. This is because the cellular communicator needs to know where to send the test signal. Activating your system is basically a process where identifying information from your system, the IMEI number in this case is tied to a specific account at If central station monitoring is being used, then the information from will further be tied to an account there. When the cellular communicator reports information, it is sent to, where it is then matched to an account, and when applicable, the information is then forwarded to the proper central station. As a result, the Cell Test will fail if the system is not yet activated for alarm monitoring.

Reach out to your monitoring provider to inquire about activating your 2GIG Edge System. They will need you to provide the system's IMEI number prior to activating. If you have signed up for monitoring service with Alarm Grid, then you were asked to provide the IMEI number as part of the signup process. Keep in mind that you will be required to obtain a monitoring plan that includes cellular service. For Alarm Grid customers, this means getting a Gold Plan or higher (Self or Full) or a Cellular-Only Plan. For more information about our monitoring plans, please see this blog post.

2. Access Cell Test Menu. After your monitoring dealer has created the account for your 2GIG Edge System, in preparation for alarm monitoring, you are then ready to perform the Cell Test. To do this, start from the main screen of the 2GIG Edge, click the settings icon (the gear) in the bottom-right corner, then enter the Installer Code for the system (default 1561), then choose Installer Toolbox, then choose System Tests, and then choose Cell Radio Test & Status. This will take you into the Cell Test Menu where you can perform the Cell Test.

3. Perform the Cell Test. In the Cell Radio Test & Status Menu, you will see all sorts of information regarding your system's cellular communicator. This will include the current cellular signal strength, the panel's Serial Number (SN), the system's Subscriber ID, and current status information for the panel's cellular communicator and SIM Card. Once you are ready to begin the Cell Test, press the blue "Test Cell Radio" button in the bottom-right corner. The Cell Test will begin. It should finish within a few minutes. If the Cell Test passes, this will conclude the activation process. Your alarm dealer will let you know if there are any further steps for you to complete.

If you will be using for remote control of your system, you will receive an email from containing the username and a temporary computer-generated password for your account. You can then log in and complete the rest of the account configuration, including setting your own password. If the Cell Test fails, then make sure your system is activated for monitoring service, and reach out to your monitoring provider for further assistance. They may recommend that you wait a few minutes, power-cycle the panel, and then try the steps above again. Once the Cell Test completes successfully, you can return to the home screen by repeatedly pressing the return arrow at the top of the screen.

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