Honeywell Lyric Thermostats Frequently Asked Questions

Thermostat Econ Recovery vs Fast Recovery?
A common feature on most modern thermostats is for the user to choose between Econ Recovery and Fast Recovery. This is used to determine how much energy the system will use in raising or lowering the temperature and how long the full temperature adjustment will take. Learn more about this feature.

How Does the Lyric T5 Thermostat Communicate?
The Lyric T5 thermostat connects to a WIFI network in order to receive commands from the Lyric App or Apple HomeKit. These platforms use WIFI to send various commands to the Lyric T5 Thermostat, such as to adjust the temperature in the building. Learn more about the Lyric T5 Thermostat.

Can I Connect Lyric Round to Alexa?
The Lyric Round can connect with Alexa by using the Honeywell Lyric Skill on an Alexa device. The user will need to sync their Lyric account with Alexa before they can control their Lyric Round using Alexa. Learn more about controlling the Lyric Round Thermostat with an Alexa device.