WIFI Thermostats Frequently Asked Questions

Which Thermostats are Compatible with Total Connect 2.0?
Any Honeywell WIFI thermostat is compatible with Total Connect, as is the Honeywell ZWSTAT. The Honeywell WIFI thermostats include the Lyric Round Thermostat and all of the Total Connect Comfort Thermostats. Once integrated with Total Connect, a thermostat can be fully controlled using the platform.

Will the Nest Work w/ the Honeywell Lyric?
The Honeywell Lyric can't pair with Nest products. It pairs with the Lyric Round WIFI Thermostat and the Honeywell ZWSTAT. Learn about Honeywell compatibility.

Can I Use the Lyric Thermostat with My Lyric Gateway?
The Honeywell Lyric Gateway is fully compatible with the Lyric Round WIFI Thermostat. Learn how to connect and use the Lyric Thermostat with the Lyric Gateway.