Will the Nest Work w/ the Honeywell Lyric?

The Nest is not compatible with the Honeywell Lyric. Honeywell has built a competing thermostat, however, that does work with the Lyric and can be controlled from the system. Additionally, the Lyric can double as a Z-Wave controller, which means it will work with most Z-Wave thermostats.

Supported Z-Wave and WIFI Thermostats

Honeywell created their own compatible thermostats for the Lyric. The first example is Honeywell's direct competitor to the Nest thermostat, the Lyric Round Wifi Thermostat. The Lyric Round requires users to create an account through the Lyric app so they can set up their thermostat locally. A Honeywell dealer has to enable the remote automation settings for Total Connect 2.0. Total Connect 2.0 is a paid app that integrates control and status of a user's alarm system, automation devices (i.e. Z-Wave), and HVAC devices like the the Lyric Round.

Honeywell also has a Z-Wave thermostat. While it's aesthetically different from the Round, it serves a similar purpose. The Honeywell ZWSTAT can be set up with Smart Scenes, using any Honeywell panel that has Z-Wave capabilities. The thermostat has the ability to adjust temperatures automatically, depending on the user's threshold settings. Threshold settings determine the specific temperature that must be reached in order to trigger a change. This feature can be set up with Smart Scenes as well. If the user arms the system with a scene set up, the thermostat will adjust the home's temperature to its preset settings, even if the user isn't home

The Lyric Round offers a similar feature to Smart Scenes, called Geofencing. Users can activate Geofencing by downloading the Round's independent app. If the user is leaving their home, and the app detects that they are a certain distance away from the panel, the Round can adjust the home's temperature to create a more economically-friendly environment.

Alarm.com and Nest

If a user already has the Nest and is looking for a new alarm system, they can check out an Alarm.com compatible one, like the 2GIG GC3. Alarm.com is the back-end server that communicates with panels like the GC3 via cellular signal. Alarm.com integration enables Nest products to tie-in with security systems. This allows the user to set up the Nest thermostat, and be able to control it from their security panel. The user first needs to download the Nest app, then match that information with their panel. This process is similar to the way the Lyric Round pairs to the Lyric. The user's alarm company needs to enable the Nest thermostat integration on Alarm.com, then any Alarm.com compatible alarm system can support the addition on the app. The Nest functions similarly to the Lyric Round, and can be set up with Geo-Services, Geo-fencing's equivalent. With Geo-Services enabled, the Nest can automatically adjust the temperature to fit the user's preferred settings when they aren't home.

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