Can a Honeywell 6280 be Connected to an Alarm Panel?

Yes, a Honeywell 6280 can be connected to an alarm panel. In fact, it needs to be connected to an alarm panel for basic use. The 6280 is just a touchscreen keypad, and it cannot be used without an alarm system to control. The keypad provides an on-site location for controlling the system.

Honeywell 6280 talking color graphic touchscreen alarm keypad

The Honeywell 6280 is a hardwired touchscreen keypad designed exclusively for use with Honeywell VISTA Series Security Systems. It is a fairly robust keypad that offers many features and functions for users. The biggest selling point of the 6280 is that it provides a pleasant, clean touchscreen access point for controlling a VISTA System. You can arm and disarm, bypass sensors, and check current system status from this convenient controller. You can even use the 6280 for deep level programming by using the keypad's Console Mode. This is a great feature that lets the 6280 essentially function as an Alphanumeric Keypad.

Many users might think that the Honeywell 6280 is an alarm system. After all, this is likely the device they interact with on a daily basis. As a result, some users mistakenly believe that a keypad like the 6280 is actually their security system and that it is the main control panel. But that is not the case. The 6280 is actually connected with a main alarm control panel, which is most likely hidden away somewhere. A VISTA Panel usually consists of a circuit board inside a metal enclosure that is hidden in a closet, attic, basement, or other storage area. Unless the 6280 is connected with a panel, it will not work. In fact, the 6280 even relies on the panel for power. It won't even power on without an alarm system. But unless the keypad has a system to control and to receive power from, the 6280 is essentially worthless. It must be used with a system.

While the 6280 is a perfectly capable touchscreen keypad, you might also consider adding a Tuxedo Touch Keypad instead. The Tuxedo Touch has all of the same great features as the 6280 with some nice extra additions. The biggest addition from the Tuxedo Touch is the fact that it serves as a Z-Wave controller, which allows you to start using Z-Wave smart home automation devices with your system. This is great if you plan to start building a smart home network to make your life more convenient and to save money on energy costs. The Tuxedo Touch also provides an easy to read 4-day weather display on the right side of the main screen. This is very helpful if you want to quickly check the weather. However, if you don't need smart home functionality or a weather display, then the 6280 Keypad will still work just fine.

One important thing to keep in mind if you decide to use a Honeywell 6280 Keypad or a Tuxedo Touch Keypad is that they are both considered Advanced User Interface (AUI) devices. A VISTA P-Series System has a limit of up to four (4) AUI devices that can be addressed with the system at any time. This means that you cannot use more than four (4) of any combination of 6280 Keypads and Tuxedo Touch Keypads. Additionally, the Total Connect 2.0 service also counts as an AUI device. So if you are using TC2 with your system, then you will be restricted to three (3) AUI keypads. This is very important if you are a VISTA System user building around your current alarm system.

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