Can I add a 5828 keypad to the GoControl?

The Honeywell 5828 wireless keypad will not work with the 2GIG GoControl security system. The 5828 is only compatible with specific Honeywell alarm systems that have an RF receiver and transmitter module. However the 2GIG GoControl panel does support two auxiliary keypads: the TS1 and PAD1. The PAD1 is a number pad without any display that serves as a basic point of control for arming, disarming and triggering panics. This is a cost effective solution for peripheral entry/exit points. The PAD1 is fully battery powered making it easy to locate anywhere within range of the GoControl panel. On the other hand, the TS1 is a robust Touchscreen display keypad that offers control and status of both the automation and security interface of the GoControl.

The TS1 is a beautiful, graphic touchscreen that requires AC power just like the GoControl. In fact, it ships with the same transformer (AC1) which requires 2-wire cabling purchased separately. You can also purchase the AC2-PLUG transformer which replaces the AC1 and offers a 10 foot power cable with pre-fabricated connections including a DC barrel plug. This keypad communicates wirelessly with the GoControl via 900MHz radio frequency.

In order for the GoControl to support the TS1 (and the IMAGE1 and Go!Bridge) you will need to install the 2GIG XCVR2 which replaces the factory-equipped 345MHz receiver. The XCVR2 is a 900MHz transceiver that supports bi-directional wireless communication and also has a 345MHz receiver to replace the function of the original unit. The GoControl supports up to four TS1 keypads. These can be strategically placed throughout your home or business.

The beauty of auxiliary keypads is the security they offer. If they are damaged the system is still able to communicate signals to your monitoring provider. If the GoControl panel is damaged it can compromise the integrity of your alarm system's communications which is never a god thing. Keep in mind that all programming must be done on the main GoControl panel.

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