Can I Change Siren Duration on a Honeywell Lyric Gateway?

A user cannot change the siren duration on a Honeywell Lyric Gateway. The only way to adjust this setting is to have security monitoring company login to the panel through AlarmNet360 and make the programming change. The Gateway will need to be monitored for the siren duration to be changed.

The Lyric Gateway has no local programming interface, all programming must be done by the monitoring company, once the communication portion of the Lyric Gateway has been successfully activated. All programming, from initial setup, to configuration changes for all zones, communication settings, and any other system programming must be performed by the security dealer through AlarmNet 360. As the siren sounder duration can only be configured and adjusted in this way, a user will need to request that their monitoring company make any changes to this setting for them. There are separate duration timeouts for the siren for Burglary alarms and Fire alarms. The siren timeout for either type of alarm can be set to Off, 4, 8, 12 or 16 minutes.

The Lyric Gateway has an internal siren that sounds at 85 dBm. The only external sounder the Lyric Gateway is compatible with is the SiX Siren. This siren is a fully wireless device from the SiX Sensor line. SiX Sensors use 128-bit AES encrypted transmissions, have a 300 foot operating range, and are “married” to the panel once paired with the system via programming. A paired SiX Series device can not be used with any other panel until it is properly deleted from its first panel. The SiX Siren’s batteries have a typical lifespan of up to 5 years and will notify the user when the battery becomes low and needs to be replaced. All SiX sensors send their battery information to the Lyric panel in near real-time.

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