Can I Connect a GC2 to Apple HomeKit?

No, you cannot connect a GC2 to Apple HomeKit. A security system can only be controlled by Apple HomeKit and SIRI if it is able to be detected by the Apple Home App. The 2GIG security system cannot be recognized by the Apple Home App. Therefore, it cannot be used with Apple HomeKit.

Unlike most other voice assistants, SIRI and Apple HomeKit do not operate with security systems through web-based interactive service platforms, such as Instead, the user's Apple Home account is synced directly with their security system. The security system will then receive incoming commands using its WIFI connection. However, HomeKit is unable to detect the GC2 system, so it cannot sends commands to this type of panel. At the present time, only the Honeywell Lyric Controller is capable of being operated through Apple HomeKit.

That being said, there are other voice assistant devices that are able to interface with the GC2 system. These devices typically work by syncing with the user's account. Whenever a voice command for the system is made, it will first be sent to the servers. From there, will pass on the command to the user's GC2 system that is synced with their account. This is possible using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

In order to control a GC2 system using one of these voice assistants, the voice assistant device will need to have the appropriate skill set up. For Amazon Alexa, this can be done by obtaining the Skill through the Amazon Alexa App. For Google Home, the Action will be required. Once the appropriate add-on has been obtained, the user will then need to sync their account with their voice assistant device. This is necessary so that the device can send commands to their account. will then pass the commands to their GC2 system to be performed.

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