Can I Connect a GC3 to Apple HomeKit?

No, you cannot connect a GC3 to Apple HomeKit. The Apple Home App will not acknowledge a GC3 system if you try to add it as a device. This prevents the GC3 from working with HomeKit. However, other voice assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Home, can control a 2GIG GC3 system.

Apple HomeKit and its trusted voice assistant SIRI operate somewhat differently than most other voice assistants. Typically, a voice assistant would sync with the security system's interactive service platform. In the case of the GC3, it connects with A voice assistant would sync with the user's account. In this type of setup, a command involving the security system would go from the voice assistant to Once the command has been processed, would then forward it to the security panel so that the desired action can be performed.

However, Apple HomeKit does not function in this way. For HomeKit, the user's Apple Home account is synced directly with their security system. The panel will receive any incoming commands through its WIFI connection. That being said, this is only possible if Apple HomeKit is able to detect the type of panel in question. At the present time, the Lyric Controller from Honeywell is the only security system that can be fully acknowledged and operated by Apple HomeKit.

Fortunately, GC3 owners have other options besides Apple HomeKit. There are other voice assistants that connect to a system through rather than the GC3 panel itself. Some of these voice assistants include Amazon Alexa and Google Home. But before these voice assistants can control a GC3 panel through, the voice assistant will require the appropriate upgrade. Amazon Alexa will need to have the Skill enabled through the Alexa App. Meanwhile, Google Home will require the Action. Once the necessary Skill or Action has been enabled, the user will be automatically prompted to sync their account.

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