Can I connect an iPhone to the Lyric Security System?

Can an iPhone be connected to the Lyric Controller, Honeywell’s newest all-in-one wireless system?

Yes, an iPhone can be connected to the Lyric Security System through two separate applications, both of which can be found at no cost in the Apple Store:

Total Connect

Total Connect is a service, not just an app, and it requires an account be created by a monitoring company in order to actually use it. This service allows you to remotely control your system. So if you forget to arm the alarm as you leave the house, you can simply pull out your smart phone and log on to the app to arm the system. You can also setup email and text alerts for whenever a security event is triggered. Total Connect’s newest update now includes push notifications as well. So if your phone doesn’t support texts, or if you have a limited number of texts with your cellular plan you can now choose to have notifications pushed from the app to your phone directly without the use of SMS messages. Some other features of Total Connect include:

  1. Arm/Disarm System
  2. Email/Text alerts
  3. Push notifications
  4. Control Home Automation Devices (Z-Wave)
  5. View Video Cameras
  6. View Snapshots (Lyric only - built in camera that captures shots upon disarms)
  7. View Smart Scenes
  8. Bypass Zones

My Home Controller

For those who want to avoid a monthly monitoring fee, and don’t mind having the Lyric Controller as a local system only, there is the “My Home Controller” app. Local system means that only those within proximity of the system would be able to hear any alarms. No alerts would be sent to a central station or to the user if they are not connected to the same network. My Home Controller will only work with the Lyric system when both Lyric and the smart device running the app are connected to the same WIFI network. This app will give you local control over features such as:

  1. Arming the system
  2. Disarming the system
  3. Controlling thermostats
  4. Controlling home automation devices
  5. Viewing video cameras
  6. Viewing smart scenes
  7. Bypassing zones

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