Can I Get DIY Monitoring For My LYNX Plus?

Absolutely. Honeywell's Lynx Plus alarm control panel provides several options to communicate. The choice of communication dictates what type monitoring a user can have.

Landline - The Lynx Plus control panel is compatible with a landline, however communication via a landline provides monitoring connected to a central monitoring station only.

GSM Cell Communicator - The Lynx Plus is compatible with the GSMVLP4, GSMV4G and the GSMX4G.

Internet Communicator - The 7847i internet communicator is compatible with the Lynx Plus panel.

Dual Communicator - The iGSMV4G provides both internet and gsm cellular communication. The first path of communication with be the internet and the gsm cell unit will be the backup.

Connecting either an internet, gsm cellular communicator or dual communication users can connect to Total Connect 2.0 and a central monitoring station.

Total Connect 2.0 allows users to control an alarm system, home automation and video surveillance remotely from any computer, smartphone and ios device. Users will receive notifications via email and or text messages on any real time alarm signal and event.

Central monitoring stations have trained operators that respond to alarm signals. If a regular alarm signal is received an operator will try and contact the first person on your contact list to confirm if it's a false alarm. If no one is able to be reached the operator will dispatch authorities. If a duress signal is received the operators will not try to confirm that it's a false alarm, authorities will be dispatched immediately.

If a user has a self monitoring plan it will be up to the user to contact authorities.

The Honeywell Lynx Plus system is a wireless self contained control panel that has a built in siren of 85dm. The Lynx Plus has 1 on board hardwired zone and supports up to 40 wireless zones plus 8 keyfob zones.

The Lynx Plus is an ideal panel for residential and commercial properties.

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