Can I Install an Interlogix Simon XT Myself and Still Get Monitoring?

Yes, you can install an Interlogix Simon XT yourself and still get monitoring. A DIY alarm monitoring company doesn't care whether a professional or an end user installed the alarm system. As long as the alarm system can send outbound signals, it can receive alarm monitoring service.

The only requirement for an alarm system to receive monitoring service is for the panel to be capable of sending outbound signals. This is needed for the panel to alert the end user and/or a central station during an alarm event. Most modern systems should also be able to receive signals so that they can receive firmware updates and commands from an interactive service platform.

An Interlogix Simon XT Panel can send outbound signals in one of two ways. This is done using either a POTS (plain old telephone service) connection or a cellular connection. Out of the box, the Simon XT Panel can only use a POTS connection. In order to use a cellular connection, a cellular communicator must be installed in the panel. Without one of these services, a Simon XT Panel cannot be monitored. However, it does not matter if you install the panel yourself, as long as it can still communicate successfully.

Although a POTS connection can be used, we strongly recommend upgrading the panel by adding a cellular module. Cellular connectivity is the only way for a panel to interface with the service. This service allows a user to arm and disarm their system, check sensor status and control Z-Wave devices. By using the Mobile App, these actions can also be done remotely. Additionally, a cellular module will also double as a Z-Wave controller for the Simon XT System. This makes adding a cellular module arguably the most important upgrade that a user can make for a Simon XT System.

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