Can I Link Together Multiple Honeywell VISTA Systems?

No, multiple vista panels cannot be linked together. However, there are many Honeywell Vista control panels that have partitions, which is like having multiple systems in one location.

The Vista 20P, Vista 21iP, and the Vista 20SE control panel provides 2 independent partitions plus a common partition.

The Vista 40 control panel provides 2 partitions.

The Vista 48 control panel can be divided into 3 sub systems.

The Vista 128BPT, Vista 250BPT and Vista 50P provide the ability to control 8 separate partitions independently, each functioning as if it had its own separate control panel.

The common partition allows either of the other partitions to be armed while leaving a common area such as a foyer or lobby disarmed to have access into another partition.

The Vista control panels provide global arming, so the system can be armed from any system keypad.

The Vista control panels have a “Go To” function so users can view or operate one partition from the other.

The Vista control panels users codes can be programmed with separate authority levels and can be assigned to either partition. Users can be set up to be able to arm and disarm one partition but not have access to any other of the partitions.

The Vista control panel supports both hardwired and wireless devices (a hardwire zone expander and or wireless receiver or RF keypad may be required).

The Vista control panel supports many ways of communication by connecting it to a landline, a gsm cell communicator, an internet communicator and a dual communicator.

Please refer to each panel’s description for features it provides, like the total number of user codes, total number of zones.

A Honeywell Vista control panel is ideal for both commercial and residential properties.

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