Can I monitor LYNX Touch using personal WIFI hotspot?

That's right. You can use a personal WIFI hotspot from you smartphone or tablet to monitor your Honeywell alarm system. The L5100, L5200 and L7000 models all support the L5100-WIFI module which uses a 2.4GHz WIFI network to transmit signals to the highly-secure, Alarmnet server. Once these signals reach the server (Alarmnet), they are directed to a Central Station and/or the Total Connect 2.0 service. Central Station monitoring is the traditional concept of 24/7 supervision, call verification during alarms and dispatching of the local authorities when needed. Total Connect 2.0 is an application that allows end users to view live status of their security system; as well as execute commands (i.e. arming, bypassing zones) and configure text and/or email notifications based on alarms, troubles, arming, etc. Check out our no contract monitoring options here.

After you have installed the L5100-WIFI into your LYNX Touch alarm panel, you will need to pair it to your local WIFI network. In some cases, you may not have access to internet on the secured premise. You can temporarily or permanently use a hotspot from your phone or tablet to broadcast a WIFI network and connect the system to. First setup the hotspot on your smart device and confirm the network is functional by connecting to it with a computer and surfing the internet. We recommend password protecting it using WPA2 encryption.

In order to pair the panel to your hotspot, enter programming mode by doing the following: Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (Default - 4112) > Program > Comm Diagnostics > Configure WIFI > Scan Access Points > Scan. This will pull up a list of available networks. Select your WIFI hotspot and click "Join." Then click into the "Key" field on the bottom of the page and enter your password. If you have an open network then chose "Open" in the "Security" field. After entering your network password, click "Join" on the bottom left. **Please note: the L5100-WIFI does not support special characters! If your network key includes special characters you will have to change the key (removing all special characters). **

If you are not seeing the network then reboot your panel by removing battery and power or doing the following from the home screen: Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (Default - 4112) > Test > Diagnostics > Reboot. After the reboot, repeat the steps above and you should see your WIFI hotspot populate after you scan.

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