Can I Monitor my Lyric Gateway over My Personal WIFI?

A Lyric Gateway can use WIFI communication for all of its monitoring and remote services.

The Lyric Gateway is the latest panel released in the Lyric panel line. The system is manufactured with a built in WIFI communicator. A user will need to use the MyHome Gateway app for the Lyric Gateway’s setup. The app is free to download on Android and iOS devices and has a similar user interface to the Lyric Controller. The MyHome Gateway app has step by step instructions on how to map the app to the Lyric Gateway. Instructions on how to connect the app to the system and then map the system to your WIFI network can be found here. Assuming you don’t want to use another communication path, the system is now ready to be monitored by an alarm company. A user will want to get their system monitored as the Lyric Gateway’s deeper level programming can only be accessed by an alarm company via AlarmNet 360. This includes communication programming, zone programming and the majority of the system programming. The Lyric Gateway is unique in that it cannot be configured as a security system without monitoring.

The Lyric Gateway has two additional communication paths available for use. On the back of the unit there is an integrated Ethernet jack which can connect the Gateway directly to a wired network. Additionally, the top of the unit opens to reveal expansion bays where either an AT&T or Verizon brand cellular communicator can be installed. If a user wants to use cellular communication, they will want to select the model that corresponds to the strongest cell signal in their area, as they provide identical operation. The Gateway can use any of the three communication paths as its sole method of communication or it can combine its primary comm. path (Ethernet or WIFI) with its secondary comm. path (Cellular) in what is known as a dual path setup. With this feature enabled, the system will automatically switch from the primary comm. path to the secondary path in the event that the Ethernet/WIFI fails.

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