Can I Program the Alarm Monitoring Account Information On a Honeywell L5210?

Yes, you can program the alarm account information on a Honeywell L5210. However, the process is normally completed by the user's alarm monitoring company. Alarm Grid technicians can do this using a remote access program that allows us to configure these settings for the end user.

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One thing that you will need to do when you sign-up for alarm monitoring service is program the alarm account information into the panel. This step is needed for having the panel communicate properly with a central monitoring station. This process is normally completed behind the scenes and rarely done by the actual end user. The support technicians at Alarm Grid will usually use a remote access program to configure these settings remotely. We are able to do this after we have activated the alarm monitoring communicator for the panel. This will allow us to access these deep-level settings remotely and enter the necessary information.

There are some cases where our technicians may need to walk end users through the process of programming the necessary alarm account information into their systems. This is usually because we are taking over the system from another monitoring company, and the communicator has not yet been released by that company. By entering programming using the Installer Code (default 4112 on an L5210), the end user can adjust the programming for the communicator as needed and register the communicator with Alarm Grid. Our technicians will then be able to see the account and make any needed adjustments.

Whenever we need a customer to program their account information into the panel locally, our technicians will walk the customer through the process over the phone during the activation appointment. Remember that all Alarm Grid customers can receive free technical support over the phone during our regular business hours of 9am to 8pm EST M-F. Once the necessary information has been entered and saved, we can complete the process of making any changes to the account. After that, it won't be long before the end user's system is ready to be used for alarm monitoring.

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