Can I Turn Off a Siren Programmed to a Lyric Gateway?

A user will need to have their alarm monitoring company turn off a siren programmed to a Lyric Gateway as they will not have access to these programming options.

The Lyric Gateway is only compatible with the SiX Siren at this time. To add the SiX Siren to the system, a user will need to request that their alarm company put the system into “Learn” mode for the zone the Siren will occupy. Once in “Learn” mode, activating the tamper button on the siren will learn it into the system on the designated zone. Due to the programming requirements of the system, this process must be done to enroll any SiX Siren, or any other SiX Series device, to the panel. Whether or not a zone activates the system’s sirens is determined by the zone type used when programming. Siren duration can be set to no timeout, or a 4, 8, 12 or 16 minute timeout period. If the alarm sounds, and the system is not disarmed, the siren will continue to sound for this amount of time before automatically silencing. In many areas, setting the sounder for no timeout is not allowed. Burglary and Fire alarms can have a different sounder timeout period set, but both are set to 4 minutes by default.

The Lyric Gateway is compatible with SiX Sensors and 5800 wireless devices. The devices within the SiX Sensor line communicate using 128-bit AES encryption. All SiX devices are bi-directional, have a 300 foot operating range, are remotely programmed into the system, and can have their settings remotely adjusted. The SiX Siren is special in that it can be programmed to sound a chime tone when a zone faults. Previously, the only wireless device that could accomplish this was a 5828/5828V wireless keypad. The Gateway is also compatible with all 5800 series devices that don’t require a House ID to operate. Honeywell has said they plan to update the firmware of the system in the future to include the House ID feature, though there is no timeline for when this may occur. 5800 devices are neither bi-directional, nor encrypted, have about a 200 foot operating range, and feature a wide variety of devices for many different applications.

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