Can I turn off the siren on a Lyric security system?

The Lyric Controller, gives you the option to disable Burglary Alarm sounds for testing purposes. With this option disabled, when a burglary alarm occurs, rather than the normal 85dB alarm sound, you will hear a much quieter sound, to let you know the alarm has been successfully triggered, without having to hear the full-blown alarm. The wording for this feature is somewhat misleading as disabling Burglary sounds actually disables ALL 85dB alarm sounds, including Fire, and Audible Panic.

To temporarily disable the Burglary Alarm Sound, go to Security > Tools > Installer Code > Program > Sounder > Burglary Alarm Sound and set to No. Complete any other programming required, then exit programming by hitting the back button in the upper right corner of the touchscreen. Perform any alarm zone testing. You will hear a steady tone from the panel for the alarm, to indicate that it has been successfully triggered. Setting this option to “No” will not affect the volume for the SiX Siren. It always sounds alarm at full volume, so if you want to test at a quieter volume, don’t enroll the SiX Sirens until after you’ve done zone testing, but be sure to test the sirens at least once to be sure they are functioning properly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature will not time-out, and will not automatically revert to full alarm sounds. When finished testing, be sure to go back to Security > Tools > Installer Code > Program > Sounder > Burglary Alarm Sound and set it back to “Yes” before exiting programming again.

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