Can I Upgrade the GSMVLP?

Yes, you can upgrade the GSMVLP. Because AT&T terminated its 2G cellular service, a GSMVLP communicator will need to be replaced in order for your panel to use cellular communication. It can be easily replaced with a GSMVLP4G, which will provide your system with 4G cellular communication.

Cellular communication is the most reliable communication path for an alarm system, so a properly functioning cellular communicator is very important. Upgrading to a GSMVLP4G cellular communicator allows you to continue to use the LYNX Plus L3000 panel, rather than having to replace it. The GSMVLP4G uses 4G cellular communication, which should remain in service for many years to come.

By upgrading to the GSMVLP4G, your alarm system will experience incredibly fast 4G speeds. This will result in a faster response time when signals are sent to a central monitoring station and when the panel receives commands from Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0.

Just like its GSMVLP predecessor, the GSMVLP4G is specifically designed for use with the Honeywell LYNX Plus L3000. No other security panel will support these communicators. When upgrading from the GSMVLP to the GSMVLP4G, you will want to first power down the L3000 system. This can be done by removing its AC power supply and then opening up the panel and disconnecting its backup battery.

Next, remove the GSMVLP communicator and install the GSMVLP4G in the same location. When installing the GSMVLP4G in the panel, make sure to write down its MAC address and CRC code, or use your phone to take a picture of it. This information can be found on a sticker on the communicator. Once it has been physically installed, you can the reattach the backup battery, close the system and reconnect the AC power supply. After your system has powered on, contact your alarm monitoring company, and tell them you would like to activate the GSMVLP4G communicator in your L3000. Your alarm company will need to know the MAC and CRC codes for the GSMVLP4G to complete the setup.

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