Can I Use a Honeywell 5816 Sensor With a Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS?

Yes, you can use a Honeywell 5816 Sensor with a Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS, but only if a Honeywell Home PROTAKEOVER Module has been installed inside the panel first. The rotary dial on the PROTAKEOVER must be set to zero (0) for supporting the Honeywell 5800 Sensors that operate at 345 MHz.

The Honeywell 5816 is a wireless sensor from the Honeywell 5800 Series. It is recognized as being the best-selling wireless sensor ever released by Honeywell, and it is perhaps even the best-selling wireless sensor in the entire home security industry. This sensor uses two (2) Loop Numbers, with Loop Number 1 (Service 1) being the sensor's wireless transmitter function, and Loop Number 2 (Service 2) being the sensor's internal reed switch.

Service 1 for the 5816 allows you to connect a single, unsupervised, hardwired Normally Closed (NC) contact sensor to the 5816's inside terminal block so that the 5816 can act as a wireless transmitter on behalf of the connected sensor. This allows a wired sensor to integrate with a wireless system that otherwise wouldn't be able to support it. This is frequently used with industrial grade wired contacts with wide spacing gaps to offer monitoring for garage doors or overhead doors.

Service 2 is used in conjunction with the 5816's included magnet. The magnet is placed on the moving portion of a door or window, and the 5816 sensor is placed on the stationary door or window frame. When the door or window is opened, the magnet moves away from the 5816 sensor. This releases the reed switch inside the 5816. The sensor then transmits a fault signal to the wireless alarm panel to let it know that the door or window has been opened.

By default, the PROA7PLUS cannot support the 345 MHz wireless frequency used by the Honeywell 5816. However, if you add a PROTAKEOVER Legacy Receiver with its dial set to 0, then the system will gain the ability to support 345 MHz Honeywell 5800 Sensors like the 5816. The 5816 will occupy one (1) or two (2) of the PROA7PLUS System's (123) legacy zones, depending on how it is programmed. It is possible to program the the 5816 to a single zone using Loop 1 (wireless transmitter), a single zone using Loop 2 (reed switch), or one zone with Loop 1 and a second zone with Loop 2 (wireless transmitter and reed switch) for a total of two (2) zones used.

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