Can I Use an iGSMV4G Communicator Without Cellular GSM?

The Honeywell iGSMV4G dual path communicator most commonly uses the internet (via a hard wired Ethernet connection) as its primary communication path and the AT&T cellular (2G, 3G, and 4G) network as its secondary path. Until the 2.12.1 firmware revision release, you could NOT use this unit without activating the included SIM card and enabling the cellular communication path. That means any revision before 2.12.1 you have to pay for cellular communications with your monitoring provider, even if you prefer an IP only setup. Before the release of 2.12.1, the only way to avoid cellular costs and setup IP only monitoring was installing the Honeywell 7847i. Any iGSMV4G purchased from Alarm Grid will be this revision or higher.

Now that the iGSMV4G has selectable (IP only, Cellular only, and dual path) communications it is the best option for flexibility and up front cost. By choosing the iGSMV4G over the GSMV4G (cellular only) or 7847i (IP only), you will never be limited by your hardware. This way you can start with internet only and upgrade to dual path monitoring if your network is not working reliably enough. Otherwise, you would have to swap in an entirely new communicator module which incurs time for the install and money for the new unit.

The most popular configuration of the iGSMV4G uses the internet as the primary path, and the cellular as a backup path. As the AlarmNet dealer has to pay AlarmNet for the use of the cellular SIM card inside of the iGSMV4G, you will end up paying a premium to have dual path monitoring. If you wanted to use an AlarmNet device that only uses the internet, and avoid paying more for cellular monitoring, you can inform the technician to configure the iGSMV4G (Rev. 2.12.1+) as IP only. Otherwise you will have to use the 7847i internet module instead. The 7847i is an internet only module.

Another option you can consider, if you haven't already purchased an alarm system, is to use the VISTA-21iP alarm control panel. The VISTA-21iP has a built in internet communicator but it also has an available snap-on cellular module - the VISTA-GSM4G. As the cellular backup path is an actual physical unit that can be installed (or removed) you would have the flexibility to choose IP only monitoring or dual path monitoring. With the VISTA-GSM4G installed, you would have to pay for the cellular charges to your AlarmNet dealer, but you would also have the option to remove it and only pay for the less expensive internet monitoring.

Do you have an iGSMV4G and you want to use the cellular communicator without the internet? Check out our FAQ: Can I Use an iGSMV4G Communicator Without Internet?

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Thank you
If a burglary alarm is triggered, we'd call the police as needed. If a fire alarm is triggered, we'd call the fire department as needed.
Thank you, I will try that when I get home. Do you guys call the police in case of Fire? Or only when a door is opened.
Zones 1-8 are pre-programmed on the VISTA-21iP and zone 1 is set up a fire zone by default. You can strap a 2k resistor across the two zone terminals for zone 1 to stop the fire trouble or you can get into programming and disable the zone using the 6160 alphanumeric keypad.
Hi, I bought the 21ip vista because I want to get connected with you guys, I addressed tmy 6160 keypad in 16 but it is showing Fire trouble 01and I do not know what to do.
Ok thank you, I am going to buy the 21 IP because I have the 6160 keypad and the are campatible, and the I am going to get connected with you guys. Thank you very much.
The VISTA-128BPT is much more complex than a VISTA-21iP. However, as you have a VISTA-128BP now, it's possible that certain devices you have won't be compatible with a VISTA-21iP system. We suggest you email with a detailed list of everything you have connected to the 128BP if you want us to confirm whether or not you need the 128BPT or could go with the 21iP instead.
Hi, which panel do you suggest me the 128bpt vista or 21ip panel
Ok thanks you very much
Okay great, you will not need a SIM card. The SIM card data charges are wrapped into our no-contract monitoring plans available online at (as long as you choose a plan that includes cellular) so you just need the communicator and the proper panel.
Is your system installed in the United States?
Well, do I still needing my tmobile SIM card if I connect with your company or just the gsm that you recomend me
The communicator needs to be activated by a company through AlarmNet (Honeywell's alarm communications division) so even if you used your only SIM, there is still a monthly charge involved.
So my sim card is from t_ mobile, can I use it, or I have to pay something else for monitoring, I do not understand I am sorry
No, you won't be able to use an AlarmNet GSM without paying some level of monthly fee.
But if I do not get a monthly plan I can use a gsm connected to the vista 128bpt
Yes, you can install and program the system yourself (assuming you know what you are doing) but it is pretty involved if you are not familiar with the programming. If you want Total Connect 2.0 service, you can get that through us with one of our monthly plans.
one more question, all this works without any dealer, right
Ok,thanks muchas gracias
You can buy a new VISTA-128BPT online at and then once you have it installed and programmed locally, you can add an IP or GSM communicator (like the iGSMV4G - ) to be able to get Total Connect 2.0 service through one of our self monitoring plans at
what do you recomend me
Unfortunately, the VISTA-128BP doesn't support Total Connect 2.0 service so adding an AlarmNet communicator wouldn't be enough. You would have to actually replace your alarm control panel with a Turbo version and re-program the system as well.
Vista 128BP
Do you have a VISTA-128BPT or a VISTA-128BP?
Hi, I would like to know because I am new in this. I have a hoenywell 128bp panel and 6160 keypad, I would like to install a GSM to get email and message to my phone, but I only have the alarm to my own house it is not connected to any dealer.

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